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Jacqie and Chiquis Rivera are said to be estranged

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  • Apparently, there are problems between some members of the Rivera Family
  • In social networks, Jacqie and Chiquis Rivera are said to be estranged
  • «The Rivera do not like how Chiquis is leading her life after the divorce with Lorenzo»

What is going on? Rumors say that there are problems between some members of the Rivera Family and sisters Jacqie and Chiquis Rivera, daughters of the late singer Jenni Rivera, are said to be estranged for an unexpected reason.

It was on the Instagram account «Escándalo» where this was revealed: that the sisters had had an argument a few days ago, but what is also said is that the Rivera family do not like how Chiquis Rivera is leading her life after the divorce with Lorenzo Méndez.

«Hopefully they can resolve their differences»

They assure that Jacqie and Chiquis Rivera are estranged Daughters of Jenni Rivera
Photo Instagram Scandal

Without knowing more details of the distance between Jenni Rivera’s daughters, users of this Instagram account did not let much time pass to express their views and share their theories about the reasons why they left.

“Jacqie shouldn’t walk away or get upset with Chiquis for how she leads her life. Chiquis did not turn his back on her when she made out with another man while married to Mike. Don’t you remember? ”,“ Jacquie, and like the rest of the family, They are tired that Chiquis does her dramas and others come out muddy and she as if nothing ”.

They applaud Jacqie for distancing himself from Chiquis Rivera

They assure that Jacqie and Chiquis Rivera are estranged Daughters of Jenni Rivera
Instagram photo Jacqie Rivera

On the other hand, a user “applauded” Jacqie Rivera for having distanced herself from her sister, since she has to seek her own peace, “and even if it’s blood, yes fuck… life, we have to put them away”, while someone else said : «I think Jacqie got tired of her scandals that don’t stop and that she causes them herself.»

«Well, how good, Jacqie is doing well, she has to focus on her children and her husband, because at the time she separated, she was already like Chiquis, from trip to trip», «Not that Jacqie turns her back on her They simply have differences because Chiquis does not want to be told anything, he does not want to listen to advice ”, you can read in more comments.

«Chiquis wants to be like her mother»

They assure that Jacqie and Chiquis Rivera are estranged Daughters of Jenni Rivera
Photo Instagram Chiquis Rivera

There were those who went with everything to Jacqie Rivera: “I think she is the least indicated to judge her sister. As she already gave flight to the lint since she got pregnant the first time. Nobody has the right to judge and least of all they, who almost all have a tail to be stepped on ”.

“Chiquis wants to be like her mother and well, she is far from being it, her mother was a cab… and she is still very green. It will never reach her mother’s heels ”,“ Jacqie has a huge heart and maybe she has made bad decisions, just like any human being. Chiquis has only shown millions of people that she is bad at heart and that her cul… is worth more than her reputation ”.

Chiquis Rivera admits that he goes through ‘difficult moments’

They assure that Jacqie and Chiquis Rivera are estranged Daughters of Jenni Rivera
Photo Instagram Chiquis Rivera

After the raffle she made of her purple truck in which she sold tickets to acquaintances and fans for $ 100 each, which provoked criticism from people who pointed out that the singer wanted to attract attention and others that she exploited fans to get money because she needed it, now Jenni Rivera’s daughter says something that could ‘confirm everything’.

After talking with the fanatic who won the raffle of his truck, Chiquis Rivera sent a message and was vulnerable: “Thanks for being with me, you don’t know, I’ve been going through difficult times, I’m sorry all the time… I mean, no I don’t have a life like that suffered either, but being an artist many things happen… ”, he began by saying.

Has it affected Chiquis Rivera economically that he has not had shows?

They assure that Jacqie and Chiquis Rivera are estranged Daughters of Jenni Rivera
Photo Instagram Chiquis Rivera

To the music industry, the coronavirus came to ‘hit’ them directly, because the events where many people are concentrated, caused concerts and shows to be suspended until further notice, so that singers like Chiquis Rivera could be ‘using other ways’ to remove money and this is how Jenni Rivera’s daughter hinted:

“Sometimes they are those moments that touch your heart and you say ‘why’, and something that my mother instilled in me since I was little is that God gives you blessings and you have to distribute them and help others and maybe he will go to sell the truck or I left it, I don’t know… ”, he assured before commenting that he has not had many musical presentations.

Does Chiquis Rivera wait for the check to arrive?

They assure that Jacqie and Chiquis Rivera are estranged Daughters of Jenni Rivera
Photo Instagram Chiquis Rivera

Although the singer did not admit it as such, she did say that she has been affected by the fact that due to the coronavirus pandemic she has not had as many presentations and concerts as she would like, so she is just beginning to ‘activate’ her agenda: “We have small shows the month that enters Colorado and El Paso on the 29th, so I am going to leave you the information, I would love to see you… ”, he said.

And she continued: “I already need it, the truth is, I’m a little nervous, I haven’t been performing in a long time, I think many, but hey, nervous and excited and I already want to feel the warmth of the public, I hope to see you in Colorado, the I love too much ”, he commented before confessing that he is eating very badly.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter only eats French fries

Photo Instagram Chiquis Rivera

Despite the fact that she has not had musical presentations, Chiquis Rivera said that her diet has abandoned her ‘spoiling herself’ and eating anything that fills her up at the moment: “I hadn’t eaten anything, I was doing a promo, they gave me some tequilas and I got up, and then I ate some pin… potato chips and I have to go eat… ”, he said.

But the people who saw the video of the raffle of the truck and her words commented: “If she is a good fan she will not sell the truck”, “They sold 15 thousand tickets at 100 dollars each, She made 1,500 thousand dollars , congratulations for getting the money from your fans ”, a woman demanded and they went to the jugular.

Chiquis Rivera won one million 500 thousand dollars

Photo Instagram Chiquis Rivera

And others even asked him for money: «Chiquis, send me 500 dollars to the Dominican Republic», «Congratulations, you are prospering more and the bad comments are to make you more excited …», «Chiquis, but if you are going to do something for someone, ¿ why do you make it public? Let the person for whom you insist something be the one who of his own free will do it, because if God sees what you do for others with that you are already blessed «,» There was a black hand, «they claimed.

But, could it be that the fortune of three million dollars that specialized media assured that Chiquis Rivera is already running out thanks to the pandemic? Everything seems to indicate that Jenni Rivera’s daughter wanted to launch a tequila brand that was not crystallized with Mr. Tempo and is now with her line of cosmetics, while her musical shows are ‘activated’, is she also looking for the government check ? HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF CHIQUIS RIVERA.

Are you waiting for the check too?

Hispanic World Archive

After the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) mailed another batch of stimulus checks for $ 1,400, the agency reports that not everyone will be able to keep them. The new checks, sent out last week, include people who recently filed 2020 tax returns that the IRS has processed.

So far, about 160 million payments of this $ 1,400 stimulus have been sent. That includes checks for single taxpayers who earned less than $ 75,000 a year on their last tax return and couples who earned less than $ 150,000 combined.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter raffles her truck

Photo Instagram Chamonic

The raffle for Chiquis Rivera’s truck finally happened after for more than a month, Jenni Rivera’s daughter was announcing the sale of tickets of $ 100 each for those who wanted to participate in the raffle, whose winner was already announced, without waiting for the criticism to be unleashed.

Following the announcement of the raffle for her purple truck, the Latin Grammy-winning singer was harshly criticized for the amount of money she would supposedly make by selling them for $ 100, so people who do not want her assured that she was staying penniless.

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