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What are the best dog breeds? 5 you should know

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Did you know that about 50 million homes in the United States have a dog? For many families, dogs play a role of protection or companionship that ends up turning the pet into another member of the household.

Here, we present the five most popular dog breeds and the characteristics that distinguish these animals from others. Discover which dog will best integrate into your lifestyle, needs, and tastes!

The best dog breeds: Beagle

The beagle is one of the best dog breeds

Friendly, curious, and peaceful, beagles represent one of the most docile and easy to care for breeds. Their relatively small size makes them ideal for coexistence with people of all ages.

This breed has a hunting past and its natural instinct is to be curious, so its care requires exercise and regular walks so that its senses remain active and alert to environmental stimuli.


The bulldog is one of the best dog breeds

Bulldogs are dogs destined to share spaces with children and adults, thanks to their innate docility and their genetic characteristics, which allow them to adapt to practically all environments and climates.

Unlike other breeds, bulldogs will find comfort in a sedentary lifestyle, so regular walks will be necessary for them to exercise and stay healthy and strong. As for their life expectancy, it is estimated that this can average between 8 and 10 years.

Golden Retriever


The golden retriever has been the protagonist in numerous family films and series for a reason. It is an extremely intelligent breed with a special affinity for large families.

This breed requires a space that gives it the freedom to run freely and exercise, and although these types of dogs are usually very active, they are easy to train to be guides or pets.


An image of a poodle that is considered one of the best dog breeds

Poodles can grow to miniature and standard sizes, but they all belong to the same breed. One of its main characteristics is intelligence and a showy coat that protects these dogs from climate changes.

Poodles are a breed that is also distinguished by its elegance, ease of training, and a tendency to please the family with which they live with.



Collies are dogs entirely dedicated to family life. They usually require supervision when they live with other breeds since they are active and highly competitive.

Depending on its mood, a collie can either sit or run freely, and it is so healthy that it can live up to 12 or 15 years. It is without a doubt an animal that will steal your heart and all your attention!

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