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IKEA starts selling fully functional mini ecological houses

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The future of houses is no longer in large mansions; at least that’s the idea of ​​IKEA and the company specializing in the construction of small houses, Tiny Home Maker Escape.

  • IKEA has partnered with the company Tiny Home Maker Escape to create a new concept of small, functional and ecological houses
  • The main objective of both companies is to propose a house prototype that adapts to the ‘needs of future generations’
  • The IKEA house will cost 53,642 euros, and will be equipped with solar panels and a cutting-edge design to ensure user comfort.

IKEA You are about to venture into home construction, but you will do so from the experts in the design and development of miniature homes, Tiny Home Maker Escape Homes.

This alliance is made with a common objective between both companies; The design of the new IKEA miniature house will not only have the necessary elements to guarantee its functionality, but it will also have the characteristic of being a construction on wheels.

This objective, according to IKEA, focuses on «Sustainability, inclusion and innovation».

In a statement, the company assured that «We want to meet the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations.»

For the Swedish company, and for Escape Homes, the idea is not only possible, but useful and friendly to the environment.

The construction measures 17.37 square meters, and its design is inspired by a previous Escape Homes project.

IKEA has announced that the value of the house will be 53,642 euros, and that one of the reasons why they have decided to bet on this type of construction is because the needs of people are constantly changing.

In addition, one of the factors that will play in favor of the success of this new project will be the fact that people will seek new ways of life after the pandemic.

The company assured that

«Confined space housing is a very fashionable trend that has become even more prominent as people have moved away from cities and apartment blocks due to COVID-19, looking for spaces that they consider safer.»

Sustainability is also a starting point, as they aim to inspire IKEA consumers to increasingly include sustainability in every aspect of their lives.

The fact that the houses are miniatures does not mean that it will have fewer services, but that it will integrate everything necessary in a strategic way.

The new IKEA miniature houses will be equipped with storage units, cabinets, shelves and other accessories; all within a space with the capacity to accommodate two or more people.

The exterior of the houses will have a wood paneling inspired by Japanese culture, called ‘Shou Sugi Ban’, while the interior, they explain, will consist of “Pine from sustainable cultivation characteristic of Escape”.

To make the spaces look wider and generate a sense of comfort, the interior of the houses will be painted white, and each of the elements that make it up will be sustainable.

To operate ecologically, the houses will use solar panels and thermopanel windows, in addition to the fact that the water consumption is designed to generate less waste.

The best of all? If you buy one of these houses, you can take it wherever you want, since it can be hooked to a vehicle to tow it at any time and anywhere.

Photo: Vox Creative


Sustainable houses: An invention that is here to stay

While the miniature houses of IKEA They are a reality, in Norway this type of housing is becoming more and more famous. A family of Norwegian origin, the Hjertefølger, made the decision a few years ago to contribute to this type of house.

However, in the case of the Hjertefølger family, construction took place on a solar geodesic dome in the Arctic. According to the portal Our Community Now, the determination to build this house was based on an attempt to create a sustainable lifestyle. The case of the Hjertefølger family has gone viral, inspiring many people who want to lead a similar lifestyle. The design of this house consists of a solar dome, and they have called their home a ‘House of the Nature’.

Although IKEA’s sustainable miniature houses have a definite style; In the case of the solar geodesic dome in the Arctic, the house is built from a mixture of sand, mud and straw.

Located in the arctic, the house is adapted to the particular needs of the family that inhabits it, and has a size of 1,583 square feet, five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a garage and a terrace.

In addition to building an ecological house, the inhabitants who live in it made the decision to consume food grown by themselves, and although they paid a price of US $ 403,000 for this house, they have come to ensure that their expenses are practically non-existent thanks to the adaptations that have been made, among which the solar panels stand out.

Everything seems to indicate that ecological houses will continue to be a trend for the next decade, and the Hjertefølger family is about to build a solar geodesic that will serve as a place to practice yoga and meditation.

Photo: Shutterstock

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