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Bizarre: Elderly Mexican singer gives a concert to an empty theater (VIDEO)

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Abuelito concierto nadie asiste
  • A Mexican singer gave a concert but no one attended.
  • Don Rogelio gave his first concert at a Mexican fair.
  • What happened was surprising.

In Mexico there was an incident that shocked hundreds on social media when an elderly Mexican singer won the hearts of internet users with a heartbreaking video. Without a doubt, the greatest inspiration for an artist is their public who supports them at concerts.

The incident occurred in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico, when the National Fair announced through its social media accounts that an older singer would perform his first concert. However, what happened made him go viral, according to Milenio.

Grandpa offers a concert and no one attends

Grandpa offers a concert and no one attends

Don Rogelio, better known as «El Mostrenco», was announced on the Facebook account of the Fresnillo National Fair, since he would liven up the atmosphere with his first concert. But things did not go as expected.

After the long-awaited day arrived, the Mexican singer never imagined what would happen at his show. When he went on stage, Don Rogelio was very surprised to see that there was no one waiting to see him. Still, he showed his professionalism and won the hearts of hundreds of netizens.

There were only five people at the show

Grandpa concert no one attends: There were only five people

Don Rogelio’s performance was attended by only five people who enjoyed the Mexican grandfather’s show. He didn’t let the lack of audience stop him and he delighted the small audience with his singing.

The video was immediately shared on social media and it did not take long for it to go viral because he went on with his show despite the lack of attendees. Several users began to comment on the post where Don Rogelio is singing.

“So sad to see this kind of thing”

"How sad to see this kind of thing"

Some expressed sadness when they saw that no one wanted to see the Mexican grandfather performing his songs on stage, including a Facebook account that publishes Mexican talent. It shared several photos of El Mostrenco at his completely empty concert.

“How sad to see this kind of thing. Today this is how the dome of the fair looks, this man deserves all the applause in the world, despite the fact that only two or three people are listening to him, he does it with honor. CONGRATULATIONS TO MR. ROGELIO VEINA. THE MOSTRENCO OF ZACATECAS,, says the post.

He received good news

receive good news

However, it was not all bad news for the singer who won the hearts of hundreds of users who did their best to help him. “And to open the @gerardoortizoficial concert, Don Rogelio ‘El Mostrenco’ will perform with all his magical talent,” was written on the poster that is available on social media.

The trend was so great that the news reached Los Elegantes de Jerez, who sent a message asking users for their help in locating the grandpa. They want to make him an offer … could it be that he will sing with them? Filed Under: Grandpa concert no one attends TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

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