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Rapper 600 Breezy announces his girlfriend died by suicide (PHOTOS)

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  • The rapper announced the tragedy on social media.
  • Apparently he had distanced himself from his girlfriend before the tragedy.
  • The artist shared a heartbreaking message that his girlfriend sent before she died.

A tragedy! Undoubtedly, suicide is an extremely painful issue for relatives and close friends of those who make this drastic decision. Rapper 600 Breezy has reported the heartbreaking suicide of his girlfriend on social media.

On September 6, 600 Breezy announced the sad news of his girlfriend’s death on Instagram. “Baby why would you do this to me, why would you do this to us 💔 I was coming back home I promised you I would. You just gone leave me forever?» wrote the artist.

“My woman my wife my life …You pushed me away so you can do this???”

"My wife, my wife, my life... Did you push me away so you could do this?"
Instagram photo

600 Breezy also attached a photo with his girlfriend. A few hours after the news was released, he got more than 100,000 reactions. “You kno how many people love you raven ? I would’ve never left if this was the outcome,” he said.

This implied they couple may have had some kind of breakup. “Im f*cked up for the rest of my life baby mentally you just finished me. Im shaking I’m crying I love you so much stinky pie. My wife, my wife, my life… Did you push me away so you could do this?”

«God, help me please»

"God, help me please"
Instagram photo

“I would’ve died with you raven I did any and everything for you …I’ll never be able to love again @raven.k.jackson. I’ll see you soon baby. God help me please,” concluded the singer in the first post about the death of his girlfriend, the influencer Raven K Jackson.

Raven had more than 300,000 followers on Instagram where she described herself as a model, CEO and motivational speaker. Shortly after his first post, 600 Breezy, shared multiple photos of his relationship with the influencer where he said that he had «the best two years» of his life.

«My baby was in pain,» said 600 Breezy after his girlfriend’s suicide

"my baby was suffering"Said the singer '600 Breezy' after the suicide of his girlfriend
Instagram photo

The images showed the couple enjoying dinners and trips as well as videos celebrating their love. Later, the rapper shared screenshots of messages that his girlfriend wrote and where 600 Breezy noticed signs of depression.

“My baby was hurting and I did everything I could to show her nothing but love and keep her going. I put everything into her and her business. I believed in her I worshipped the ground she walked on. She’s gone forever. I hate myself. Please when your loved ones are showing signs of any mental damage or health please take them serious,” he wrote.

Raven K. Jackson left a final message for her boyfriend

She left a final message for her boyfriend before committing suicide
Instagram photo

«This is real . This is what she left me with . And I suppose to be able to continue to live ????? @raven.k.jackson you always told me you wanted to go out young so you can get that love you deserve from others and be a legend. But what about your family baby what about me ? you left my heart so empty and broken lifeless alone.And no matter what they say or what you say I’m gonna forever feel like it’s my fault,» the singer said on Instagram.

«Please y’all pay attention to the signs of depression or mental health,» the artist added. “I’m just tired baby. I was dealing with these thoughts before you met me, I was just waiting for the right time … It’s nobody’s fault. I have been tired for a long time,” Raven K. Jackson wrote to her boyfriend. Filed Under: Singer 600 Breezy Girlfriend

“This bridge is really nice”

"this bridge is really nice"
Instagram photo

“I gave up a long time ago, I just do a good job of hiding it. Right now, as I write this, I remember us happy, looking at our videos, imagining how beautiful a bride I would have been. It’s 5 pm here, this bridge is actually nice. I wish we would have come here together,» the influencer allegedly wrote.

“I’m thinking about how this will feel. Yes it will hurt. I used to joke about how reckless I lived my life before I met you, truth be told, I put myself in dangerous situations because I didn’t care,» read the second part of the message shared by the model’s boyfriend. Filed Under: Singer 600 Breezy Girlfriend

«Understand that this is my choice, this is what I wanted»

"Understand that this is my choice, this is what I wanted"Said the alleged final message from the singer's girlfriend
Instagram photo

“Living simply always seemed overrated to me… It’s one thing to ruin your life, but I had to go and end mine too. Understand that this is my choice, this is what I wanted. This is what I’ve wanted for a while. I just don’t fit in here, I’m not happy in this world. I just can’t pretend anymore,» read another part of the message.

The last parts of the message posted on Instagram said: “I don’t want to be here, it’s too much for me. I wish I could get it all back. Nothing seemed real Antonio. It’s none of my business, it’s not my relationship, not even me. My heart is weak from stress and my ovaries hurt, but they keep saying it’s okay… I feel like I have bugs on my skin that won’t go away no matter how many times I wash. You were the best thing that happened to me in a long time Toni but I know I have a lot to deal with. Filed Under: Singer 600 Breezy Girlfriend

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