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The sexual scandal of Orlando Segura, former host of Despierta América (VIDEO)

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  • The sexual scandal of host Orlando Segura revealed.
  • The Colombian sent a provocative photo to a Peruvian journalist.
  • Despite the complaint, the Suelta la Sopa program decides to hire him.

A great scandal has been unleashed in the world of entertainment where former host of Despierta América, Orlando Segura was involved in a controversy after having an exclusive interview with Mexican boxer Saúl Canelo Álvarez’s ex. This is what journalist Javier Ceriani said in his program Gossip No Like.

According to the Argentine journalist, Shannon de Lima denounced the Univision television network, as the Colombian host tried to drug her in Las Vegas, Nevada during an exclusive interview. Apparently Orlando Seguro tried to take advantage of her.

Orlando Segura is denounced for sexual scandal

Orlando Segura reported harassment

Through the social networks of the Chisme No Like program, they publicize the scandal of the Colombian driver who allegedly would have intoxicated Shannon to abuse her: «Strong complaint against Orlando Segura, Shannon from Lima would have been drunk to take advantage», was written in the post.

«The fever of the correspondent has not made him think correctly, since he has exposed not only his person, but the program in which he currently works,» said the journalist Javier Ceriani’s on show. Internet users immediately began to react to this new scandal.

Orlando Segura denounced harassment: «Let them lock him up»

Orlando Segura reported harassment: "That they lock it up"

«You can only get women getting drunk, otherwise, you have to have a lot of stomach», «Now I wonder, Shannon from Lima, isn’t she too old to say I don’t want to drink? And say No thanks. Because an adult gets drunk because she wants ”,“ to be locked up. Not one more ”, some users commented.

«The old woman that is not a white Paloma, she messes with everyone who crosses her, from Mark Anthony, El Canelo, the soccer player, her most recent victim», «I believe you, but why isn’t Orlando imprisoned? ? «

Orlando Segura denounced harassment: Another scandal

Orlando Segura denounced harassment: Another scandal

But that was not all, since Orlando Segura was involved in another controversy, accused of sexual harassment with the Peruvian driver Patricia Arbulu. Everything seems to indicate that the Colombian had sent a provocative photo to the journalist, mentioning that he gets hot when he looks at him, according to the Argentine.

“Orlando Segura would have sent a provocative photo to the Peruvian investigative journalist Patricia Arbulu, she is one of the most serious investigative political journalists that Miami has had. She would have received a photo of Orlando Segura sexually harassing her ”, were the words of Javier Ceriani.

Orlando Segura denounced harassment: «A gift just for you»

Orlando Segura reported harassment: "A gift just for you"

The Peruvian woman is married to a producer from several television channels and even so, the Colombian being on the Univisión network dared to send Patricia a photo in her underwear, harassing her. “I told him that skinny girl turns me on when she looks at me. A gift just for you ”, is seen in the messages of the ex-host of Despierta América.

“This woman’s husband tells Univision about this, and Univision gets rid of Orlando for another reason. The husband says ‘Orlando Segura is harassing my wife’ and even so they hire him knowing this, ”they say on the Gossip No Like program about the controversial case of the Colombian.

Orlando Segura denounced harassment: Knowing this scandal Univision hires him

Orlando Segura denounced harassment: Knowing this scandal Univision hires him

The annoyance was shown in the Gossip No Like program, since the Hispanic television network hires the Colombian driver despite knowing the complaint: “Patricia Urbulu’s husband denounces him for sending him indecent photos and even so they hired him in Suelta the Soup ”, the post reads.

“From inviting girls to his hotel for special coverage, to sending photos to the journalist #PatriciaArbulu, who told #SueltaLaSopa about her harassment, but they ignored her and hired him. Outrageous! ”, This is how Javier Ceriani shows his annoyance at what the television network did. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE .

Orlando Segura denounced harassment: Univision burns after raid!

Univision raid
Instagram: Gossip no Like

Previously they announced that the company was in full scandal as a result of several women beginning to report sexual harassment by various executives, including a former producer of El Gordo y la Flaca; the program ‘Chisme no Like’ hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristáin gave the News of everything that happened.

It all started when a former producer of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ was singled out for harassing and improper touching and misconduct against women who promised a good position within the show or, in Univision, which ended up being filtered first in audios and later in documents, obtained by ‘Gossip No Like‘.

Univision ‘under fire’ following complaints of sexual harassment

Gossip does not like uncover news from Univisión
YouTube: Gossip no Like

The report of the Argentine journalist points out that the policemen who raided Univisión took large boxes that it is not known if they correspond to computers, security cameras or material for a criminal case: Miami, to the police and there the policeman told us that everything was going to be taken into account and several girls who went to make the complaint, told us that the lawyers arranged with the Univision lawyers and for 5,000 dollars they told them no they could talk at all and now the prosecutor said ‘how can they not speak? Of course they can talk, ‘”Elisa Beristain said.

As if that were not enough, the authorities in alleged ‘complicity’ with Univisión, changed certain statements of the women victims of sexual harassment, so that certain managers were not harmed, in addition to the fact that ‘Gossip no Like’ discovered that one of the agents works in the television company. Filed Under: Orlando Segura Reported Harassment

They took material to incriminate?

Univision raid

«We are not going to stop until they all fall because on October 26 the trial against Enrique Albis, former producer of El Gordo y la Flaca, will be read, the criminal charges will be read and that is where the misfortune of Univisión begins …» , assured Javier Ceriani, while Elisa Beristain affirmed that they have knowledge of 17 to 20 girls who gave tests and interviews about what happened in Univisión, but they estimate that there are more than twice the number of victims.

According to ‘Chisme no Like’ it is a common denominator that the women who denounce Enrique Albis for sexual harassment, assure that Univision’s lawyers have treated them quite badly and warn that all those testimonies will emerge as the case against the former producer of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’. Filed Under: Orlando Segura Reported Harassment

Complaints against former producer of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’

Elisa Beristain Univision raid

In the words of the headlines of ‘Chisme no like’ this week as a result of the great problem that is coming for Univisión, they began to invite experts on issues of harassment to ‘Despierta América’ to try to clean up the image and the damage done to several women, knowing what happened.

But the former producer is not the only one pointed out in this type of behavior, but also the headline of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, Raúl de Molina, who constantly showed himself for groping famous artists such as Lucía Méndez or Graciela Beltrán, who at the time they were outraged at the driver. Filed Under: Orlando Segura Reported Harassment

Is there a big problem for the company?

Univision raid

The journalist Javier Ceriani assured that he will not rest until everything that the victims experienced comes to light and everything generates a change in Univisión, which according to his words is ‘shaking’ because several executives want to resign in the face of the great scandal that is unleashed.

People said: «Congratulations on that news about Univisión, that’s what if it stops you from paying attention», «I love that you have proof for everything you say», «Congratulations the abusive, abusive and corrupt executives They don’t deserve to be where my respects are ”,“ Do you think that with the new owners of Univisión things will change? Remember that Televisa has hired a female rapist to make a novel, the actress who hit a reporter is making a novel, do you think things will change here? ”They commented. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT THEY SAID IN GOSSIP NO LIKE ABOUT THE UNIVISION RAID (Minute 1:18:10) Filed Under: Orlando Segura Reported Harassment



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