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New decision made in regards to actor Pablo Lyle’s case

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  • Two and a half years dragging legal problems and Pablo Lyle gets no resolution in court.
  • For the fifth time his trial is postponed and his defense prepares its arguments.
  • The actor currently lives at his sister’s house and has a GPS device to monitor him.

Two and a half years have passed since Mexican actor Pablo Lyle started waiting for his trial regarding the case that has turned his life around, as in April 2019 he attacked a 63-year-old man in a Florida cruise and when he hit him, the man fell and the fall caused his death four days after the altercation.

Since then, Pablo Lyle has been in the crosshairs of Justice and is currently serving probation staying at his sister’s house and with a GPS on his ankle to monitor his movements during his trial, which has been postponed this week for the fifth time.

Pablo Lyle to jail? His trial is postponed again

Pablo lyle trial postponed?

Now, various media such as ‘The reporter’ They realized that in a virtual hearing, Pablo Lyle’s lawyer, Philip Reizenstein asked the judge for more time to resolve the actor’s defense in the best way, since they could reach an agreement with the parties involved.

To these arguments, the judge agreed and now the next hearing for the trial was ruled on November 23, and although it was not said by Pablo Lyle’s defense what they were trying to agree with the lawyers and family of the victim, they might come to an agreement.

Pablo Lyle’s trial postponed for the fifth time

Pablo Lyle jail trial

«The postponement request is granted,» were the words of the magistrate in the virtual meeting with Pablo Lyle’s defense after he made the request to postpone the date for the actor’s trial, of which it would already be the fifth suspension since the The previous one was to take place in August, after the postponement achieved in July.

Actor Pablo Lyle’s situation is complicated if one takes into account the position of the family of Juan Ricardo Hernández, the 63-year-old Cuban who was hit on a Florida cruise ship and who ended up falling on the pavement, causing his death. 4 days later, as the relatives assured that they would not rest until the actor paid.

What does the actor do while awaiting his trial?

The actor postpones trial with his defense

Currently, while awaiting his trial, Pablo Lyle cannot leave the United States and lives in the house of one of his sisters in Miami, with a GPS monitor on his leg that tracks his location and he does not yet have permission to work in the country, given the images that confirm that he attacked Juan Ricardo Hernández on a cruise.

The 63-year-old Cuban man, who died today, got out of his car at a red light and approached the truck of Pablo Lyle’s brother for blocking his way on a cruise ship, but he never imagined that when he returned to his car, the actor who came as co-pilot, would get out and reach him to give him a punch that would cause him to fall.

Pablo Lyle does not have permission to work in the US

Pablo Lyle jail trial

After hitting the subject, he was left lying on the asphalt and taken to the hospital where he died four days after the consequences of the fall and the family was devastated, while the actor was detained at the Miami airport when he tried to return to Mexico , which he could no longer do.

One of Pablo Lyle’s main defenses was to argue before the judge that he feared that the Cuban Juan Ricardo Hernández would draw a gun and shoot at him or his brother, however that was not enough to defend himself as a judge returned the case to a Miami court for trial.

Problems for Pablo Lyle awaiting trial

Pablo Lyle trial

Pablo Lyle brother-in-law problems. After two years of the incident in which the actor Pablo Lyle was involved and that would just change his life, apparently the problems still continue, since it has come to light that his brother-in-law Lucas Delfino is sick of Lyle that even he has run him out of his house.

Through the portal of Tv Notes shared an interview with a close friend of the actor Pablo Lyle, where he tells of the different conflicts that Pablo and Lucas experience after being under house arrest, and where the brother-in-law was involved in legal problems because he was driving the vehicle when the incident occurred.

Pablo Lyle’s brother-in-law ran him out of the house

Pablo Lyle brother-in-law problems

Currently, Mexican actor Pablo Lyle is under house arrest in Florida, while he awaits the trial, which was scheduled for August 2 and has been postponed again, in which he is accused of involuntary manslaughter for the death of a man in his sixties.

Problems between Pablo and Lucas

brother-in-law problems

According to the words of the actor’s friend, he mentions that the family has been supporting him at all times, while he is under house arrest, but that his brother-in-law Lucas Delfino has been quite upset for being involved in the incident, where he was also guilty .

“His wife, Ana Araujo, has been doing everything, promoting beauty products, clothing and major medical insurance. Also, his brother Jorge, who sold a gymnasium to help him financially, and his sister Silvia and her husband Lucas Delfino, who loaned him the apartment where he was arrested; however, right now he has a serious problem with his brother-in-law, ”said the source.

Pablo Lyle brother-in-law problems: The brother-in-law’s annoyance

Brother-in-law's annoyance

Everything seems to indicate that Lucas’s annoyance with Pablo was due to the actor practically involving him in the legal problem that he had to go through after the incident. Plus Lyle hasn’t gotten a job. This attitude of the actor caused the anger of his brother-in-law by mentioning him to assume his responsibility or leave the house, according to Grupo Fórmula.

“Yes, because after having unconditionally helped his brother-in-law, the least Lucas expected was that Pablo would take charge of this demand and not muddy him, but now his anger is so great, that he has even fired him from the department!”, They were the words of Lyle’s friend when questioned.

Brother-in-law problems: The trial is postponed again

The trial is postponed again
Photo: Twitter

A few weeks ago, the trial of Mexican actor Pablo Lyle, which is taking place in the state of Miami, Florida, was postponed again. Not only the trial, but also a hearing that was scheduled to take place on July 22 was postponed.

Previously judicial sources indicated that the trial that Pablo Lyle faces in the United States for the death of a man with whom he had an argument related to trafficking was postponed again. It was scheduled for this month of August, but now it will run for a date not yet determined by the courts.

Brother-in-law Problems: How did the incident happen?

Pablo Lyle brother-in-law problems: How did the incident happen?
Photo: Twitter

That last day of March 2019, Pablo Lyle was heading to the Miami airport. He was accompanied by his son and his brother-in-law, Lucas Delfino, who was driving the vehicle. On the road they ran into Juan Ricardo Hernández, a 63-year-old Cuban, who complained about an improper maneuver by Delfino.

With the idea of ​​recriminating their wrongdoing, the Cuban got out of the car, but the fight escalated quickly and Lyle hit Hernández, who immediately vanished on the road. The man died after spending four days in an inpatient hospital.

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