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Self love quotes: 15 affirmations to heal your soul

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Working on self-love is a daily task that can make a big difference in your quality of life, both in navigating the most complicated moments and in coping with everyday situations. It helps to have some quotes and affirmations to repeat on a daily basis. Here are 15 self-love quotes and affirmations that will help heal your soul today!

“No matter how I feel right now, I accept that this feeling and situation is temporary.”

It is common for us to face difficult situations at work, with family or friends. Rather than blaming ourselves or sinking into depression, it is better to take a break to try to look at things from a more positive perspective. This is an exercise that will help reject the negativity from the outside and continue on the path with the certainty that everything in this life is temporary, and that everything bad must pass to give way to better situations.

«I am a positive person who attracts positive things and situations into his existence.»

Self love quotes: 15 affirmations to heal your soul

Working on self-love is one of the first steps to becoming a more positive version of ourselves that allows us to achieve all our goals with confidence and patience. Remember self-love quote every time you feel that things are not going as you planned. If you focus on the positive aspects of life, it will be easier to attract the abundance you deserve.

“I trust my intuition and I am always guided towards making wise decisions.”

Never forget that you are a highly capable and intuitive person. Take the time to look around you to discover everything that is hidden behind all the situations you go through in life. Confidence in yourself will be a key to making decisions that are good for your present and future. The reward may be late in coming, but never doubt that it is on its way.

“I am a person who does good and who deserves happiness, health and peace.”


Repeat this self-love quote every day to remember all the good that is inside you. Trust that all the good you do will come back to you in the most unexpected ways. To grow in self-love you have to keep in mind that you are a person who gives light, and who is a source of happiness and peace for you and, consequently, for all those around you.

“I appreciate every aspect of my life and strive to find things to be thankful for.”

Life may not always be perfect, but that does not mean that you will give up your efforts to enjoy it to the fullest and always discover the positive in people and in daily situations. Make an effort to find things for which you are grateful: friends, family, work, health and even those situations that did not turn out as you wanted can hold meaning to be grateful for at some point in life.

«I accept my mistakes, forgive myself and work on myself to avoid being defined.»

Self love quotes: 15 affirmations to heal your soul

There is no perfect human being and, although sometimes you forget it, you have the right to make mistakes and learn from them at your own pace without them defining you. Yes, it is true that sometimes we can make some mistakes that hurt other people or ourselves, but it is important to learn from them and avoid letting them consume us.

“I will treat myself with the trust, acceptance and understanding with which I would treat my best friend.”

Do you treat yourself as you would treat your best friend? Give yourself time to listen to yourself without judgments or claims, because the love you show yourself will be the one you can give to those you love the most. This affirmation will remind you how important it is to respect each of your processes and embrace the characteristics that have helped you get ahead in your most complicated moments.

“I respect my limitations and appreciate my abilities to become the person I want to be.”


This is an affirmation that will make a difference in your day because it will remind you that you are a person capable of breaking all the limits that are presented to you and of accepting when things do not depend on you. Instead of blaming yourself for things, be grateful for each and every one of your abilities, because it has been thanks to them and your efforts that you have managed to achieve everything you have today.

“My value is not defined by my dress size, nor by my job.”

One of the biggest struggles of self-love is accepting ourselves inside and out, accepting that our appearance or abilities do not dictate our value as people. Repeat whenever you can «my value is not in my weight, nor in my profession.» Life is erratic, and even if today you chose a new job or reached your ideal weight, neither of these two things would define your quality as a person.

“I am constantly in motion and evolution to walk towards the best version of me.”

Woman hugging herself as self love concept

Human beings are constantly evolving. This part of physical and intellectual growth — and even emotional growth — is the engine that drives people to discover how far they can go. The best version of oneself is built little by little and through daily learning. With this affirmation of self-love, you will remember that every road traveled will be worth it if you learn from it.

“I let go of beliefs and customs that no longer serve me for my future purposes.”

It may be tempting to go back to the past to review all our mistakes, but instead of looking at the negative, practice self-love by accepting that many of your past decisions were based on ignorance and that you are a different person today. Let go of all those beliefs that once limited you and those customs that no longer serve you for your future purposes. You are able to learn new things to act according to your current ideals.

«I am able to give and feel love without reservation.»


As human beings, it is normal to be in constant search of love, although sometimes this represents a fear of the unknown or rejection. Never forget that you have many things to offer to others, and that you will always be able to receive unconditional love from your family, friends, children and partner.

“I am a valuable person who deserves to be celebrated.”

When a person practices self-love, they know that all their achievements, no matter how small they may seem, deserve to be celebrated because they are the result of their own effort and perseverance. You are a valuable person who deserves to be celebrated every day thanks to your abilities, effort and all the actions you take in favor of your well-being and that of those around you.

«My future is only as bright as I make it.»


Do you know how far you can go? As far as you choose! Recognize in yourself all those desires that will drive you to discover new horizons, far from limitations. Your future will always be in the best hands: yours, and with the self-esteem that you build day by day you will have the necessary strength to take all the necessary steps towards your ideal path.

“If I fall, I know that I can get up with the help of self-love and those around me.”

If you made a mistake or hit a bump in the road, it is always time to continue with your eyes forward and with the help of all the people who know and love you. The road to self-love is one that never ends, but the more you learn to accept and value yourself, the more you will learn to discover the strength that is in you to overcome all the adversities that arise in your life.

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