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Rafael Castillo found guilty of dismembering then killing a woman with an ax (PHOTOS)

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Rafael Castillo enfrenta su juicio en Texas por haber desmembrado con un hacha a Nicole Perry presuntamente por "irrespetuosa".
  • Rafael Castillo cut off Nicole Perry’s hands with a machete.
  • The woman’s body was found wrapped in garbage bags.
  • Castillo allegedly killed Perry because she had been «disrespectful.»

Rafael Castillo is on trial in Texas for dismembering Nicole Perry with an ax for a shocking reason. In the Bexar County courthouse in San Antonio, the question hanging in the air is not whether he will be found guilty or not guilty, but what his sentence should be after the brutal crime.

The trial of Rafael Castillo, 26, began on Wednesday, August 10, 2022 before Judge Jennifer Peña, of the 290th Criminal District Court in Bexar County. On Wednesday, August 16, the jury found him guilty.

Rafael Castillo is accused of killing Nicole Perry with an ax

Rafael Castillo is accused of killing a woman with an ax
Rafael Castillo is a confessed gang member and is accused of dismembering a woman with a machete and then killing her with an ax.  (PHOTO: Bexar County Sheriff’s Office)

The documents of the case against Rafael Castillo, consulted by MundoNow, give an account of the brutal crime committed in a fit of anger because Nicole Perry allegedly was «disrespectful» to him. Full of rage, the man dismembered her with a machete while she was still alive and then killed her with an ax.

On the frigid morning of Thursday, November 19, 2020, workers from the Bexar County Public Works Department went out to do their rounds of trash cleanup along the rural road marked 9200 South WW White Road in the southeast of the metropolitan area of San Antonio, Texas.

Nicole Perry’s body found in Texas

Nicole Perry's body found in Texas
Nicole Perry was brutally murdered with an ax, simply because she was allegedly «disrespectful». (PHOTO: Special for MundoNow)

One of the workers found a couple of black garbage bags lying on the side of the road among the foliage. The employee wanted to move the bags, but they were very heavy. Upon opening the plastic bag, the worker saw the body of a dead woman, whose hands had been amputated.

The Homicide Division of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) appeared on the scene to investigate the brutal crime. The dead girl was identified as Nicole Perry, 31, who was a mother to three daughters. The girl was Randall Fulghum’s girlfriend. That was the first clue leading them to Rafael Castillo.

The clues that led to the murderer

The clues that led to the murderer
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

Inside the plastic bags, detectives from the BCSO Homicide Division found some receipts, torn and half washed away by water, which indicated the purchase of a weapon. That was the second clue that led to the Rafael Castillo.

Randall Fulghum admitted to the BCSO that he and his girlfriend Nicole Perry suffered from drug addiction and because of that they were homeless. The couple found lodging at a friend’s house at 300 West Harlan Avenue, where several people lived and used drugs.

The dramatic testimony of the victim’s boyfriend

The dramatic testimony of the victim's boyfriend
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

Nicole Perry and Randall Fulghum stayed in a room at the back of the house. Rafael Castillo also lived there with his girlfriend, whose name is not revealed, and another guy known as ‘Gizmo’. Perry allegedly began bad-mouthing Castillo and his girlfriend.

One day in November, Rafael Castillo warned Nicole Perry to stop talking. The woman allegedly continued. At some point the Hispanic man taped up her hands, got a machete and cut them off. Castillo then got an ax and brought it down on his victim’s head.

After his crime the murderer ordered others to clean up

After his crime the murderer ordered others to clean up
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

Everyone present was stunned and “frozen”, as Randall Fulghum put it in his testimony. Then Rafael Castillo ordered everyone, including his girlfriend, to start cleaning or he would kill them too. Castillo took Nicole Perry’s hands and put them in a crock pot. The rest of the body was put in the bags.

When BCSO agents spoke with Randall Fulghum, he told them that he lived in fear because Rafael Castillo had warned him that he would be targeted so he wouldn’t talk. However, the man explained that he decided to confess everything because he no longer had anything to live for without his girlfriend Nicole Perry.

How much time does Rafael Castillo deserve?

What is the worth that Rafael Castillo deserves?
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

Rafael Castillo is well known to authorities in San Antonio, Texas. The man is a confessed member of a gang although the documents do not specify which one. In July 2019, Castillo was arrested along with David Gómez, 27, accused of kidnapping and armed robbery.

Officers arrested Rafael Castillo in Brownsville, Texas, in December 2021 and since then he has been facing criminal proceedings for the death of Nicole Perry. The Texas State Penal Code details that the penalty for the crime of homicide is from 20 to 99 years in prison.

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