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Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner David McCullough dies

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  • Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner dies.
  • The historian passed at aged 89.
  • His publisher released the tragic news.

SAD LOSS CONFIRMED. Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough died at 89, his publisher has confirmed. The writer became one of the essential characters in the history of the US due to his writing about the history of the Brooklyn Bridge and two presidents.

Several politicians, artists, musicians and actors have passed away in recent months. Recently, in the world of politics, the death of the former minister of Japan, who was shot at a conference, was announced.



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David McCullough, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author whose lovingly crafted narratives on topics ranging from the Brooklyn Bridge to Presidents John Adams and Harry Truman made him one of the most popular and influential historians of his time, has died at the age of 89, The Associated Press reported.

The historian and writer became an important figure in the US due to his ability to capture the nation’s history. The historian’s death was confirmed in a statement from his publisher. Various figures have said goodbye to him and sent their condolences to the McCullough family on social media.

What happened to David McCullough?

What happened to the historian?

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McCullough died Sunday in Hingham, Massachusetts, according to his publisher, Simon & Schuster. His health had been declining health and he died less than two months after his beloved wife, Rosalee, The Associated Press reported. The historian’s death has caused deep pain in the community of researchers and academics in the country.

«I think because of David a lot of us feel a twin obligation,» historian Jon Meacham said Monday. “One is to the historical record and to the analysis. And the other is to the reader who would like to be transported, both intellectually and viscerally,» Meacham added.

David McCullough: A talent for capturing history?

David McCullough: A talent for capturing history?

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A tireless and cheerful student of the past, McCullough dedicated himself to sharing his own passion for history with the general public. He saw himself as an ordinary man, blessed with a lifelong curiosity and the opportunity to tackle the issues that mattered most to him, according to The Associated Press.

His fascination with architecture and construction inspired his early work on the Panama Canal and the Brooklyn Bridge, while his admiration for leaders he believed to be good men drew him to Adams and Truman. In his 70s and 80s, he indulged his affection for Paris with the 2011 book The Greater Journey and for aviation with a bestseller about the Wright brothers that came out in 2015, the AP reported. Filed Under: David McCullough

Was he criticized?

David McCullough: Wasn't he spared criticism?

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McCullough’s celebrations of the American past also sparked criticism against him: that love turned too easily into romanticism. His 2019 book The Pioneers was criticized for downplaying the atrocities committed against Native Americans as 19th-century settlers moved west, The Associated Press noted.

In earlier works, he was accused of avoiding the harshest truths about Truman, Adams, and others and of putting story before analysis. But even peers who found fault with his work praised his kindness and generosity and recognized his talent. And millions of readers, and the smaller circle of awardees, were moved by his stories, according to the AP. Filed Under: David McCullough

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