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Experts describe what a nuclear war between the US and Russia would look like

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Dicen cómo sería una guerra nuclear entre Rusia y EEUU
  • What would nuclear war between the US and Russia look like?
  • What could unleash this war?
  • Billions of people could die.

A new study says that a war between the United States and Russia would cause a famine in addition to a terrible toll of five billion deaths. It is even believed that such a clash could release soot into the atmosphere that would cover the sun.

The study was carried out with computer simulations, according to the Daily Mail. The study highlighted that the calculations were based on the nuclear arsenal of each country. Currently, several nations possess more than 13,000 nuclear weapons, and a confrontation between just nine of them could have ‘apocalyptic’ consequences.

Apocalyptic fallout from ‘large-scale’ nuclear clashes

Apocalyptic fallout from 'large-scale' clashes

According to the outlet, the confrontation between nine nuclear powers, including the United States, Russia and the United Kingdom, could halt food production and cause widespread famine, which would not only affect countries in the war.

In addition, if the conflict were to break out between Russia and the United States, 90% of the caloric production in the world would be reduced in three or four years after the end of the war. On the other hand, there would be a “catastrophic disruption” of world food markets.

How many people around the world would die from a nuclear war?

How many people would die in the world from a nuclear war?

The study comes amid tensions between Russia and the United States over the armed intervention in Ukraine, as well as recent fears over Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, despite threats from China.

What would be the consequences of a full-scale nuclear war? According to research cited by the Daily Mail, more than 75% of the world population would starve in two years. It should be noted that the world population currently stands at eight billion people.

Will a nuclear war break out between Russia and the US?

Will a nuclear war break out between Russia and the US?

Amid tensions between the two countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday promised to expand military cooperation with the country’s allies and signaled that Moscow is ready to offer them its most advanced weaponry, according to AP.

Speaking at the opening of an annual arms exhibition outside Moscow that caters to foreign clients, Putin said Russia’s arms exports play an important role in the development of a «multipolar world,» the Kremlin’s term to describe their efforts to offset what is perceived as US global dominance.

«We greatly appreciate having many allies,» says Putin

"We greatly appreciate having many allies"says Putin

Putin praised the Russian military’s performance in Ukraine, which has drawn massive sanctions from the West, and thanked Moscow’s allies for their support. “We greatly appreciate having many allies, partners and people who share our approach across multiple continents,” he said.

Putin, whose invasion of Ukraine has been widely condemned as a violation of international law, said the leaders of Moscow’s allies «choose a sovereign and independent course of development and want to collectively solve global and regional security problems on the basis of international law, shared responsibility and mutual interests, thus helping to defend the multipolar world,” according to AP.

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