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The LA mansion Peso Pluma rents for $45,000 a month

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The LA mansion Peso Pluma rents (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Peso Pluma’s mansion in LA.
  • Learn about Peso Pluma’s luxury home.
  • He lives an extravagant lifestyle.

At just over 24 years of age, Hassan Emilio Kabande Leija, better known as Peso Pluma, is on top of the world.

The Mexican singer, who rose to fame with hits like Ella Baila Sola and La Bebé, has made the most of his success.

Recently, it was revealed that Peso Pluma’s mansion in Los Angeles rents for $45,000 a month.

Furthermore, he has invested in luxury cars, much like Canelo Álvarez, and an elegant apartment in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Peso Pluma’s rise to fame in the music industry

LA, mansion, Peso Pluma, Featherweight
Photo: Mezcalent

Even though Peso Pluma began his music journey in 2020, it wasn’t until earlier this year that he made a major impact.

On several occasions, Peso Pluma’s luxury lifestyle has come up in interviews.

Both in his live performances and in his music videos, he makes it clear that he enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

Rumors suggest that the mansion he currently lives in has all kinds of comforts. He has leased it for one year.

Peso Pluma’s lavish lifestyle

The LA mansion Peso Pluma rents

Peso Pluma’s mansion, which he rents for $45,000, is fully furnished and located in a prestigious area of Los Angeles.

According to El Gordo y La Flaca, you have to be invited by the young artist to enter the property.

The house has several security checkpoints, which are known to be intricate and complex.

If you were planning to visit the singer, it would be very difficult to even see him from a distance.

A look at Peso Pluma’s mansion

mansion, Los Angeles
Photo: Shutterstock

It’s also reported that Peso Pluma’s mansion has two floors and high ceilings with exposed wooden beams.

The property has an open concept layout and also features a luxurious chef’s kitchen and an elegant dining room.

Additionally, there’s a home theater with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean — not to mention an impressive pool and a jacuzzi.

There’s also a well-equipped outdoor kitchen and lounge.

The primary bedroom has an ocean view


Finally the mansion’s interior stairs are bordered by glass railings.

The steps have lights that activate when climbing up or down and there are 10 security cameras.

The primary bedroom is entirely white, featuring a large balcony with an ocean view.

In total, this property has five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms and a garage that fits just over three SUVs.

Musical collaborations and creative priorities

Photo: Mezcalent

In addition to interest in Peso Pluma’s mansion, in a recent interview with Yordi Rosado, members of Los Tigres del Norte made an unexpected revelation involving Peso Pluma.

According to Récord, the Jefe de Jefes singer says he is interested in collaborating with other musicians in different genres.

«If there are songs that you can play with someone who shares your ideals and has creators that bring something interesting, it could be an option.»

They also emphasized hat they don’t record just for the ‘likes’ or popularity.

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