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She is alive! Unexpected news about the Texas school shooter’s grandmother (PHOTOS)

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  • Why the Texas school shooter was so angry.
  • He had a fight with his grandmother before the horrific shooting at Robb Elementary School.
    • Salvador Ramos’s grandmother is clinging to life.

Hours go by and details continue to come out about the murderer who carried out the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Texas where 21 people died, 19 of them kids. Salvador Ramos committed the atrocious crime on Tuesday and now it is known what happened to his grandmother.

While many media outlets, in the midst of confusion, left the shooter’s grandmother, Celia González, for dead, the truth is that she is clinging to life. This, despite the fact that her grandson shot her several times in the face, according to The Sun.

The Texas school shooter got into a fight with his grandmother and shot her

Grandma Salvador Ramos

The Sun stated that Texas school shooter had an altercation with his grandmother, Mrs. Celia González, before carrying out the massacre that took the life of 21 innocent people. He shot his grandmother during the argument.

Apparently, Salvador Ramos and Celia González were arguing over the high cost of a telephone bill. However, González never expected her grandson to take out an AR-15 rifle. She tried to stop him when she saw that he was leaving the house with it, but he shot her eight or nine times, mostly in the face.

Mrs. Celia González, grandmother of Salvador Ramos, fights for her life

Grandmother of young Texas shooting
Celia Gonzalez Facebook / The Sun

The shooter who was killed by the police, shot his grandmother in the face and then got into his car. However, apparently the injured lady tried to alert the authorities about her armed grandson. Ramos crashed his car in front of Robb Elementary School and then broke into the classroom of the fourth grade class and killed most of the students.

Meanwhile, the murderer’s grandfather, Ronald Reyes, told ABC News that his grandson did not attend school last year and preferred to spend his time locked in his room. In addition, Reyes confirmed the argument with Salvador Ramos over the phone bill but said it didn’t seem serious until Ramos began shooting.

The Texas shooter’s grandparents didn’t see any signs of what their grandson would do

Salvador Ramos Robb Elementary School shooting
Celia Gonzalez FB / The Sun

The murderer’s grandfather said that he saw no signs that morning that his grandson was planning a massacre, since nothing unusual was happening that day. He added that his wife was shot in the forehead and underwent surgery on Wednesday. He is hopeful that Mrs. Celia González will recover.

At 74 years of age, Texas shooter’s grandfather, confirmed to the media that he had no idea that his grandson had acquired the AR-15 rifles days ago and that they were also inside the house. Had he found out, he himself would have kicked the young man out of the home, he said.

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