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Shocking! Lion rips off a zookeeper’s finger and it’s all caught on camera (VIDEO)

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  • A horrific video went viral due to what happened in a zoo.
  • A lion in a cage bit off a keeper’s finger.
  • Witnesses thought it was a joke but it wasn’t.

A zookeeper in Jamaica wanted to impress a group of visitors with a lion in a cage and ended up going through a trauma that, as if that were not enough, went viral because the people who were with him thought he was putting on a show until they saw him lying on the ground, unconscious.

On social media, the case of a Jamaican man who ended up losing a finger went viral because he dared to put his hand into a lion’s cage to impress the people he was leading on a tour of the zoo. They were horrified by the scene that they witnessed.

A lion in a cage starred in a terrifying moment

Lion in cage tears off finger
Video: The Sun

The Sun reported that the Jamaican zoo caretaker experienced a spectacular moment of terror when he tried to pet a lion in a cage and the animal ended up grabbing his finger in its mouth and ripped it off in front of several people.

“When it happened, I thought it was a joke. I never thought it was serious,” said a woman who was recording the scene with her cell phone and told the Jamaica Observer newspaper about the incident, which occurred on Friday, May 20, at the St. Elizabeth Zoo.

The caretaker tried to impress people and it went very wrong

Lion bites off man's finger in zoo
The Sun

The man who was acting as a tour guide for 15 people inside the zoo tried to impress the group by putting his hand through the cage to pet the lion, who was apparently in a very bad mood. The zookeeper didn’t see the danger and performed the stunt for his audience.

In the video you can see how the lion inside the cage is angry and despite that, the man puts his hand in and caresses its mane without the animal doing anything to him. So he pets the lion again and goes on until on the third time when the king of the jungle opened its mouth and grabbed his finger.

The man is horrified that he can’t get away from the lion

The Sun

Not being able to escape, the caretaker tries to free himself by putting pressure on the cage with his foot while the lion holds onto him and he desperately pulls back as shocked people record him and no one believes what’s happening until he suddenly falls to the ground with his finger torn off.

In shock, the man falls to the ground and is apparently unconscious as another person grabs his arm to help him but it is clear that his finger was ripped off by the lion who remains sitting in the cage sparking horror among the people who were recording the video.

They thought it was a joke

lion cage violence
The Sun

“I didn’t realize the seriousness of what was happening because I thought it was his job to keep us entertained,” said the woman who recorded the video that went viral. “Obviously when he falls to the ground, we all realize that this was not a joke. Everyone started freaking out,” she stated.

At that instant, people became aware of the what happend. “All his skin and part of his finger had been ripped off,” another witness said who had to walk away from the scene because it was too graphic.  SEE THE VIDEO OF THE TERRIBLE MOMENT.

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