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Mexican peso exchange rate: January 4, 2022

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Tuesday, January 4, the Mexican peso closed almost unchanged against the US dollar. This is despite the fact that recently there were circumstances that could cause inflation to rise. The Mexican currency lost less than a penny during the day today.

The exchange rate of the peso against the dollar was quoted at 20.5381 pesos per dollar, according to data from the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), obtained by El financiero. This meant an exact decrease of 0.04 percent. While yesterday, Monday, January 3, the dollar closed the day at 20.5308 units.

This is the dollar’s exchange rate in Mexico today

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Today, the peso hit a minimum of 20.4149 and a maximum of 20.6373 pesos per dollar. For now, the exchange rate in the main banks in Mexico remains as follows: Citibanamex buys at $19.93 and sells at $21.07, Banorte buys at $19.35 and sells at $20.75, BBVA Bancomer buys at $19.90 and sells at $20.80, and Banco Azteca buys at $19.70 and sells for $20.19.

After the above, the director of analysis of Banco Base, Gabriela Siller, declared to El Financiero that: “During the rest of the current week and the following week, the public participation of eight officials of the Federal Reserve is scheduled. Because they are more likely to take a less flexible stance, the dollar is strengthening.» Filed Under: Mexican Peso January 4

The dollar closes the first day of the year stable

Money Mexican peso January 4
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As published by the Reforma Agency, the dollar began 2022 with a slight decrease compared to the Mexican peso, so the local currency extended its appreciation period last month. The dollar was being sold at 21.01 pesos at the Citibanamex bank windows, just one cent below the 21.02 pesos at the end of 2021.

Likewise, they added that the stock market returned with a higher operating level and with relevant economic indicators. Last November, this indicator amounted to $4.665 million dollars, a figure slightly lower than expected by specialists, but 37.7 percent higher than the period last year. Filed Under: Mexican Peso January 4

Remittances measured in pesos grew about 41%

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The data was consistent with the trend of previous months, so it is expected that the inflows of dollars for this concept would have exceeded 50 billion dollars in all of 2021. Monex analysts indicated that remittances measured in pesos grew by about 41 percent.

The foregoing is a result that could have been encouraged by the depreciation of the Mexican currency against the dollar, in addition to the dynamism of the American economy. For its part, the retail price offered by the Bank of Mexico for interbank operations had a marginal increase of two cents, to 20.5308 pesos. Filed Under: Mexican Peso January 4

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