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Best entry level construction jobs: 10 to apply for now

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Construction is one of the areas with the highest demand in the United States, thanks to the large number of construction and renovation projects that are being started in the country every day. To land entry level construction jobs, applicants must have some knowledge but it is also an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and make it a starting point for higher-level positions. These are the top 10 entry level construction jobs you should apply for now!


To get an entry level position as a carpenter, some employers require a high school diploma or carpentry apprenticeship on a recent construction project. Entry-level carpenter positions may not require any documentation, but they may require experience working with specialized machinery used in the construction of doors, furniture, and structures.

Construction Apprentice

Best Entry Level Construction Jobs

To get an entry level construction job, you may need to start as an apprentice, since this will be your introduction to different areas of specialization. It will also help you acquire the necessary skills for a more specialized job. In this position, you will work hand in hand with a construction expert, who will supervise each of your tasks. This position usually offers a minimum wage with a schedule of between 30 and 40 hours a week.


Drywall specialists are responsible for fabricating and installing suspended ceilings, raised floors, walls and soundproof rooms on job sites. This requires skills such as taking exact measurements, making precise cuts and efficient drywall placement.

Concrete finisher

Best Entry Level Construction Jobs

A concrete finisher is tasked with finishing the concrete placement process to create smooth surfaces on pavement, streets, floors, and sidewalks. This entry level position does not require a special license, but it is recommended that you take a basic finishing course to qualify for a vacancy in this area and thus learn to use more techniques and tools.


Every construction site needs laborers, as they are responsible for carrying out numerous physical and heavy-duty tasks on construction sites. They do anything from preparing the area or to cleaning it during the process. Laborers specialize in cleaning the construction area, carrying out the loading and unloading of the materials to be used and handling the necessary equipment, so they are considered essential workers throughout the construction project.


Space with building buckets that have materials

There are different types of painters used on construction projects. For example, there are some exclusive positions for residential painters, who must use a variety of techniques for interior painting. The entry level painters will learn techniques and processes to work neatly and efficiently for a high quality result.


An entry level roofer will learn the most effective installation processes and techniques from specialists in the area according to the type of projects they work on. Roofers apply shingles but they also do repair work.


Laborers working in construction

Flooring is a great entry level construction position. They work installing and laminating wood floors in addition to laying carpets in the homes. You will learn how to be detail oriented and optimize resources. Entry level floorers work in public spaces such as offices, shops, hotels and other private and industrial complexes where vinyl floors are being installed.


Landscape work is physically taxing and it requires the use of specialized machinery to remove or place earth, plants, bricks and rocks. Landscaping is one of the more creative jobs and you can work outdoors. This type of specialization can lead to speedy pay increases many landscape specialists go on to start their own companies.



Entry level masons do all kinds of work, from building brick or stone walls, to trails, patios and recreational areas. In an entry level position, a bricklayer or masonry specialist will learn numerous techniques, in addition to moving the required materials and transporting them to the areas where construction will take place.

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