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María Celeste Arrarás shows off in a photo with her boyfriend and receives unusual comments

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María Celeste shows off (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • María Celeste shows a photograph with her partner
  • Unleash multiplex comments
  • Do they want to take away your boyfriend?

María Celeste Arrarás, one of the most beloved and recognized presenters in Hispanic television in the United States, shared a heartwarming photo with her boyfriend.

With her characteristic smile, María Celeste radiates joy alongside her beloved. In the image, the couple appears radiant and happy, displaying palpable complicity.

María Celeste and her boyfriend spark wild comments in a photo, internet users go crazy, flooding social media with opinions and well-wishes.

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The day she confirmed she had a boyfriend

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María Celeste shows off her boyfriend PHOTO: Mezcalent

In April 2023, social media erupted when María Celeste Arrarás confirmed her romantic relationship during an interview with the Honduran journalist Neida Sandoval.

During the encounter, both prominent communicators exchanged reflections on life and the meaning of love.

Arrarás’ revelation unleashed a wave of comments and congratulations from her followers, who celebrated the news with enthusiasm.

The engaging conversation between the two professionals resonated deeply with the audience, showcasing an intimate and personal side of María Celeste that captured the attention of many.

lucky in love

journalism, photography, boyfriend, comments, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

«I have always been very fortunate in love, and I am because, even when I have had failures in some relationships,» she said back then.

«I have never let that close me off to love, block me, make me negative, or harden me, I continue to be a foolish schoolgirl,» she added.

«When I’m in a relationship, I’m very genuine, very affectionate, despite having a strong character, I’m a sweetheart when I’m in love,» she mentioned.

She added, «I have always felt that without love, it is very difficult to be completely happy because loneliness is tremendous, and we all want to be accompanied, we are social creatures.»

Happy with her new boyfriend?

 social networks, romance, romantic relationship, interview, Univision
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Faced with these statements, Neida didn’t hesitate to inquire further about María Celeste’s love life. «No boyfriend?» asked the Honduran journalist.

María Celeste responded with a simple «Yes,» hinting at the existence of a romance, but without going into details about the identity of her partner.

With a mischievous smile, she added, «Yes, there are always candidates out there. One in particular.»

Her words sparked the curiosity of viewers, intrigued by the mysterious suitor who had captured the heart of the renowned presenter.

Show off photography with her boyfriend

 happiness, couple, chemistry, future, communicator
María Celeste shows off her boyfriend PHOTO: Mezcalent

María Celeste shared a photograph with her boyfriend on Instagram, sparking a wave of wild comments among her followers.

With a big smile of happiness, both appeared toasting and delighted with life. «Kanpai,» she wrote in Japanese, which means ‘Cheers.’

The photo has generated numerous comments, celebrating María Celeste’s happiness and sharing opinions about the person responsible for her joy.

Some praised the evident chemistry between the couple, while o

They explode in the comments

spectators, suitor, reactions, photography, comments
PHOTO: Instagram screenshot María Celeste Arrarás

Comments on the journalist’s post were quick to appear, with some beginning to highlight the «handsomeness» of her partner.

«Worth the wait,» «What a handsome and elegant man, tremendous couple,» «Beautiful couple that enhances your value,» «What a handsome man,» they wrote.

«That beautiful doll you had saved for last,» «Handsome, very handsome, and lucky that María chose him,» were just a few expressions.

«Your companion is beautiful!» «Wow!!!! How beautiful, how handsome he is,» «You deserve to be happy with such a handsome man,» «Hopefully you get married soon.» VIEW PHOTO HERE.

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