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Marc Anthony Limón is arrested before causing a massacre (PHOTOS)

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  • Marc Anthony Limón was arrested for shooting three police officers in Texas.
  • Officers prevented a massacre before Limón killed his family in Houston.
  • The young man could face up to 20 years in prison after the brutal attack on the officers.

Marc Anthony Limón threatened to unleash a massacre and ended up shooting at the police officers who arrived to prevent the tragedy. The Houston Police Department (HPD) arrested young Limón, who is accused of two counts of aggravated assault against a public servant.

The suspect, Marc Anthony Limón, 26, made threats against his family saying that he was going to kill them all in a neighborhood in the eastern part of the Houston metropolitan area in Texas. However, two patrolmen risked their lives to prevent young Marc Anthony Limón’s crime.

Marc Anthony Limón is accused of shooting at the police

Marc Anthony Limón is arrested before causing a massacre (PHOTOS)
Marc Anthony Limón, 26, was arrested for shooting two policemen who arrested him before he killed his relatives armed with a pistol and shotgun. (PHOTO: Houston Police Department)

Marc Anthony Limón is being held in the Harris County jail and according to the Texas State Penal Code the charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a public servant is punishable by up to ten years in prison.

Judge Maritza Antú of the 482 Criminal District Court in Harris County ruled on the two charges against Marc Anthony Limón for shooting the policemen. As of this writing, she has not reported when the first hearing will be.

The emergency call to authorities

Marc Anthony Limón is arrested before causing a massacre (PHOTOS)
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter.

According to the documents of the case, consulted by MundoHispánico, in Texas, at 2:00 in the afternoon on Friday, December 10, 2021, a person called the HPD emergency number to report that a young man in his family was armed and was threatening them.

Out of respect for the privacy of the people threatened by Marc Anthony Limón, their names will not be revealed in this story. The person who called the authorities told the operator that the boy was armed with a shotgun and a pistol.

Two patrol cars respond to the emergency

Marc Anthony Limón is arrested before causing a massacre (PHOTOS)
PHOTO: Houston Police Department.

Given the seriousness of the situation, the emergency operator issued the highest alert for the HPD patrols that cover east Houston. Two officers, both Hispanic, were the first to arrive at the house on 10200 Valencia Drive.

Agents broke into the house where they found the terrified family that had reported Marc Anthony Limón’s threats. However, the boy was no longer at the scene and his relatives told the officers that he had fled when he heard the police sirens.

Marc Anthony Limón escapes at full speed in his car

Marc Anthony Limón is arrested before causing a massacre (PHOTOS)
PHOTO: Houston Police Department.

When HPD agents confirmed that Marc Anthony Limón’s family was not injured, they were asked for a description of the boy and the car in which he had escaped. Within minutes the entire Nortshore neighborhood was being searched by police.

By mere coincidence, the first two patrolmen to arrive at the house were the ones who saw the car in which Marc Anthony Limón was escaping and ordered him to stop. However, the boy sped up trying to escape from the police.

Limón begins shooting and falls wounded in the street

PHOTO: Houston Police Department.

The chase continued for several blocks until Marc Anthony Limón, at full speed, returned to park in front of his family’s home. The agents blocked his way so that he could not enter and ordered him to surrender. But he ignored them.

Marco Anthony Limón turned around with pistol and rifle in each hand and fired a round of shots at the officers. The policemen, sheltered behind their patrol cars, fired back. The boy was wounded by several shots in front of his house.

Doctors save Marc Anthony Limón’s life

PHOTO: Houston Police Department.

When the patrolmen saw that Marc Anthony Limón was injured, they requested paramedics from the Houston Fire Department (HFD) to take the boy to a hospital. Limón’s injuries were reported as serious but not life-threatening.

On Monday, December 13, 2021, doctors released young Marc Anthony Limón and agents from the HPD Special Investigations Division detained him at the hospital. He is accused of two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm against a public servant.

None of the officers were injured

PHOTO: Houston Police Department.

The three police officers who participated in the shooting, the two who answered the call and one more who came to arrest Marc Anthony Limón, are assigned to patrol the Hispanic neighborhoods of the northeast of the Houston metropolitan area.

Officer Casarez has been an agent since November 2020, Patrolman García has been serving since May 2021, and Officer Gil is the oldest of the three assigned to HPD since July 2006. Neither the three officers nor the family were injured.

Marc Anthony Limón and gun violence

PHOTO: Houston Police Department.

The capture of Marc Anthony Limón after shooting at the Houston police officers is just one more example of gun violence. The non-profit organization National Archive of Gun Violence reports that so far in 2021, 42,181 people have already been shot dead.

As of Friday, December 10, 2o21, of those people who have been shot dead in the United States, a total of 189,477 were murdered and 22,704 committed suicide. 38,212 people have been injured. The country has already experienced 658 mass shootings, in which at least four people died in the same event.

In Texas it is now legal to openly carry a gun without a permit

PHOTO: Taken from Twitter.

Texas woke up on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 with a new law related to carrying weapons. A law approved by the State congress  makes it legal to carry a firearm in plain sight, without having received training to use it and without a permit.

Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, signed the new law that he called a “constitutional right” to carry weapons such as rifles, shotguns and pistols of any caliber in practically any public place. By signing the new law, the governor said he signed the, “documents that instill freedom in the Lone Star State.”

Details of the controversial gun law

PHOTO: Taken from Twitter.

The Reform of Law 1927, legal name of the new arms law in Texas, was voted in the State Congress in May 2021 and was approved with a vote of 86 in favor and 62 with 2 abstentions. Governor Abbot signed the law, which was his proposal, last June to make it effective on September 1.

However, some law enforcement agencies in Texas have publicly and privately criticized the decision to pass a law that according to many police officers exposes them in the first place to the dangers of firearms in the hands of people who don’t know how to handle them properly. Marc Anthony Limón is accused of shooting at the police.

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