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Lucero dresses in mourning for the death of actress Helena Rojo

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Lucero mourns the death, Gossip, Respect, MundoNow, News
Lucero mourns the death of Helena (PHOTO: Mezcalent/Getty Images)
  • Lucero mourns the death of the actress.
  • She died at 79 years of age.
  • Celebrities mourning her loss.

The entertainment world in Mexico dressed in mourning as it said goodbye to one of its great screen legends.

It was confirmed last Saturday, February 3, that at the age of 79, the leading actress Helena Rojo has died after a brave battle against cancer.

Her departure leaves an irreplaceable void in the industry, where she stood out for his talent, professionalism and unmatched dedication.

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Several personalities from the world of entertainment expressed their regret through social media, with actress and singer Lucero being one of the most moved.

On her X account, formerly Twitter, Lucero shared emotional memories of the moments shared with Helena Rojo, showing her pain at the loss.

Likewise, the National Association of Interpreters on the social media X sends its most sincere condolences to Rojo’s family and friends at this difficult time.

«Actress with extensive experience in theater, film and television. She is remembered for her participation in soap operas such as El Privilege de Amar and Abrázame muy fuerte,» it reads.

Lucero mourns the death of Helena

Lucero muerte Helena Rojo, actress, Televisa, Death, MundoNOW
Lucero mourning the death of Helena Rojo PHOTO: Getty Images

Lucero was one of the first celebrities to mourn her death: «The most beautiful and prettiest, great actress and companion, beautiful woman inside and out,» she said in her post.

«Rest in peace Helena Rojo, beloved, it was an honor to share the scene with you and get to know you up close. Great among the greats. Loved and admired forever,” she added.

«My deepest condolences to her family and friends. That from that beautiful place where she is now, she continues to take care of all her loved ones,» the singer mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that her publication on Twitter was accompanied by a photo of the deceased artist and quickly received multiple reactions from her followers.

Helena Rojo on Televisa

Helena Rojo, Televisa, Lucero, mourning, MundoNOW
Lucero mourning the death of Helena Rojo PHOTO: Getty Images

Helena Rojo, recognized for her extensive and brilliant career at Televisa, leaves an indelible legacy in the memory of those who admired her talent.

Her contribution to the enrichment of cinematographic and television culture in Mexico will endure as an eternal testimony of her artistic ability.

The actress starred in some of the most memorable soap operas on Mexican television,

Including ‘El amor tiene cara de mujer’, ‘Corazón salvaje’, ‘El derecho de nacer’, ‘Cuna de lobos’, ‘La usurpadora’, ‘Rubí’ and ‘Teresa’.

The outstanding career in soap operas

Helena Rojo, Televisa, mourning, celebrities, MundoNOW
Lucero mourning the death of Helena Rojo PHOTO: Getty Images

Her versatility allowed her to play roles that ranged from heroines to villains, always with a dedication and passion that moved the public.

Likewise, the news of her death leaves an irreplaceable void in the Mexican entertainment landscape.

Her departure even marks the end of an era, but hir work will endure as a beacon that will guide future generations.

Helena Rojo was not only an accomplished actress, but also a source of inspiration for those seeking to stand out in the competitive world of entertainment.

Sylvia Pasquel and Laura Flores react

Laura Flores, Televisa, mourning, celebrities, MundoNOW
Lucero mourning the death of Helena Rojo PHOTO: Getty Images

The artist Laura Flores also used instagram and wrote: «Not only did we work together, we had a beautiful friendship off the cameras,» she said.

«And I’m still in shock, you leave us a huge void on the stages and I am left with the void of your absence, dear friend. Rest and fly high» , she shared with a photo together.

«My dear Helena, you leave an enormous mark as an actress and as a human being. I thank you for everything you shared with me, I’m going to miss you a lot, friend,» wrote Sylvia Pasquel.

«You are a star that will never stop shining! I love you very much…In another life we ​​will hug again,” added the actress in social media. CLICK TO SEE THE POST.

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