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Video of the Grim Reaper at King Charles’ coronation resurfaces

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  • The Grim Reaper video from King Charles III’s coronation resurfaces.
  • Some say it’s an omen.
  • King Charles was diagnosed with cancer.

After King Charles III announced his cancer diagnosis various conspiracy theories are circulating online.

The video of the British monarch’s coronation has resurfaced and many noticed a strange detail.

Some internet users pointed out that this was a clear warning for the king.

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After the British public received the disturbing news regarding King Charles III’s illness, eerie details have resurfaced.

On X (formerly Twitter) the video of King Charles’ coronation has resurfaced and it’s raising suspicions due to an eerie detail.

This shocking video led internet users to speculate and reflect on various aspects of the British monarchy and the king’s current illness.

People swear that they see the Grim Reaper lurking in the background of the video.

Is it a warning for Charles III?

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Photo: AP

People commented on the video, saying perhaps it was a sign that King Charles needs to step down.

Internet users, always attentive to details, have pointed out something strange in the video.

«Do you remember the Grim Reaper that happened last year when King Charles III was crowned king?» said user El Gran Despertar.

«Now King Charles has cancer and has little time left to go to the lower astral (demonic prison), where demons and souls that were bad in life live,» they continued.

What can be seen in the video?

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Photo: Getty Images

The video lasts eight seconds and shows the guard passing through the large hallway and away from the crowd.

Seconds later, at the back and outside of the church, a mysterious figure dressed in black and carrying a staff quickly passes by.

It’s clear the shadowy figure in the background did not belong in the ceremony.

Several viewers questioned what this creepy presence could mean.

Is it a sign?

 health of the monarch, premonitory interpretation, virtual debate, hidden meaning, MundoNOW
Photo: Getty Images

Some social media users have gone further by stating that this apparition’s presence is a clear warning for King Charles III.

«The reaper will not take long to collect its debt.» «The same thing happened to Chávez during a speech and you already know the rest is history,» were some comments.

Internet users also pointed out that there has been more than one prediction about King Charles III’s reign being cut short.

«Charles will not last long.» «In addition, Nostradamus predicted that his reign would end this year.»

What was Charles III diagnosed with?

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Photo: AP

King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer and has started treatment, Buckingham Palace said on Monday, according to The Associated Press.

Just 18 months into his reign, the 75-year-old monarch will suspend his public engagements but will continue with state affairs.

And he will not renounce his constitutional functions as head of state, according to the statement from Buckingham Palace.

The palace did not reveal what type of cancer the king has, but said it is not related to his recent treatment for a benign prostate condition. To watch the video of the Grim Reaper click HERE.

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