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Leroy Ortiz was shot to death just after leaving prison (PHOTOS)

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  • Leroy Ortiz, 35, was shot to death after being released from a Texas jail.
  • Ortiz had a long criminal history of at least 44 arrests for various felonies.
  • On one occasion, already handcuffed, Ortiz kicked the glass of a patrol car to escape.

Leroy Ortiz, 35, was just a few hours out of jail when he got into a fight and was shot to death. The Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Office (JWCSO) in Texas announced the shooting homicide.

Leroy Ortiz was released Sunday, December 5, 2021, in the afternoon after having served several months in the Jim Wells County prison in Alice, Texas. The first thing Leroy “Fame” Ortiz did was go to a house where other people were gathered.

Leroy Ortiz was shot dead just after leaving prison

Leroy Ortiz was shot to death just after leaving prison (PHOTOS)
Photo: Mundo Hispánico

According to the JWCSO Homicide Division office, when Leroy Ortiz was released from the county jail, he appeared at a house located at the intersection of Country Road 239 and North Highway 281, north of the greater Alice area and very close to the Cinco Bean Ranch in rural Texas.

The case documents do not detail how Leroy Ortiz got from prison to the rural home. In that house, Ortiz was confronted by several men and a fight broke out. One of the men had a gun.

Leroy Ortiz’s shooter surrendered to the police

Leroy Ortiz was shot to death just after leaving prison (PHOTOS)
Photo: Mundo Hispánico

Amid the confrontation, one of the residents of the house fired a couple of bullets at the newcomer. The residents of the house then called the JWCSO emergency number to report that Leroy Ortiz was badly injured.

The first JWCSO patrolmen who arrived on the scene interviewed the residents of the house. One of them voluntarily handed over his gun to the authorities and recounted the chain of events that began with a fight and ended with a fatal shooting.

Investigation into Ortiz’s death

Leroy Ortiz was shot to death just after leaving prison (PHOTOS)
Photo: Facebook

According to Jim Wells County Sheriff Daniel Bueno, as of this writing, no one has been charged with the death of Leroy Ortiz, as the case remains under investigation by Homicide Division agents.

Sheriff Daniel Bueno did not report the relationship that the deceased Leroy Ortiz had with the residents of that rural home in southeast Texas just outside the Cinco Frijoles Ranch. The JWCSO agents continue to investigate the other people in the house.

Leroy Ortiz was well known to the police

Leroy Ortiz was shot to death just after leaving prison (PHOTOS)
Photo: Facebook

According to the Texas criminal records consulted by Mundo Hispánico, Leroy Ortiz was infamous among the law enforcement officers of the JWCSO and the Alice Police Department (APD) in Jim Wells County.

Throughout his life, Leroy Ortiz faced 44 arrests for crimes as diverse as aggravated assault with injuries to a member of his family, car theft, and intoxication on public roads. On one occasion, he was even arrested for smashing the glass of a patrol car while he was already detained.

The day Leroy Ortiz broke the windows of a police car

Leroy Ortiz was shot to death just after leaving prison (PHOTOS)
Photo: Mundo Hispánico

Leroy Ortiz’s registered address was located in the town of Orange Grove, Texas, northeast of the Alice metropolitan area. On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, the JWCSO emergency number received a call from a person who reported the theft of a vehicle.

Several JWCSO patrols were dispatched to the town of Orange Grove and found the car that had been reported stolen off 200 County Road 306-1. The car had crashed, and the alleged thief left it at the scene. The agents observed Leroy Ortiz walking on the street and ordered him to stop.

Handcuffed Ortiz escaped, running through the field

Photo: Mundo Hispánico

The agents, through witnesses, knew that Leroy Ortiz could be linked to the theft of the car and detained him to transport him to the headquarters of the corporation in Alice, Texas. Once Ortiz was in the police car and handcuffed, he started kicking the glass.

The officer who was transporting Leroy Ortiz in his patrol stopped at the side of the road to review the damage after the man had kicked the glass. When the officer stopped, Ortiz tried to run away but was recaptured without being able to get very far.

A long history of crimes in Texas

Photo: Taken from Facebook.

Leroy Ortiz was arrested for stealing the car, damaging public property, and trying to escape arrest. Leroy Ortiz’s last arrest occurred last Wednesday, September 1, 2021. He was charged with aggravated assault after causing injuries to a member of his family.

The documents in the multiple cases against Leroy Ortiz reveal that someone requested a protection order against him. However, Leroy Ortiz violated the judge’s order and aggressively approached that person again.

Leroy Ortiz, one more victim of gun violence

Photo: Facebook

The shooting of the young man in Texas is just one more incident of gun violence. The nonprofit organization National Archive of Gun Violence reports that so far, in 2021, 31,080 people have already been shot dead.

As of Tuesday, November 30, 2o21, of those people who have been shot dead in the United States, a total of 18,970 were murdered and 22,110 committed suicide, while 37,389 people have been injured. The country has already experienced 652 mass shootings, in which at least four people died in the same event.

It is legal to carry a firearm without a permit in Texas

Photo: Facebook

Texans woke up on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, with 666 new laws. One of those relates to carrying weapons. As of this day, by a law approved by the state legislature has made it legal to carry a firearm, rifle or gun, in the open, without a permit and without having received training to use it.

Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, signed the new law that he called a “constitutional right” to carry weapons, such as rifles, shotguns, and handguns of any caliber, in practically any public place. By enacting this new law, the governor said he signed the, “documents that instill freedom in the Lone Star State.”

Details of the controversial gun law

Photo: Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Office

The Reform of Law 1927, the legal name of the new arms law in Texas, was voted on by the state legislature in May 2021 and was approved (86 votes in favor, 62 against, and 2 abstentions). Governor Abbot signed the law, which was his proposal, last June to make it effective on September 1.

However, some law enforcement agencies in Texas have publicly and privately criticized the decision to pass a law that, according to many police officers, exposes them to the dangers of firearms in the hands of people who do not know how to handle them properly.

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