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Sex four times a week! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s hot prenup

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  • The actress and singer is asking her future husband for an unusual agreement.
  • Is Ben Affleck willing to fulfill what JLo asks of him?
  • The couple is rumored to be signing a hot prenup.

Various media say that the Jennifer Lopez will require her future husband, Ben Affleck to comply with certain conditions in their intimate life in order to keep the passion alive. So far, in 2022, JLo and Ben Affleck have had nothing but good news.

Jennifer and Ben started a new relationship shortly after ending relationships that left their mark on each of them. Ben dated the Cuban actress Ana de Armas and JLo was engaged to Alex Rodríguez, the professional baseball player. Could it be that the two are keeping the romance alive by getting married so soon?

They reunite after 20 years!

They resume their relationship after 20 years!
PHOTO: Twitter

Jennifer López had a three-year relationship with successful baseball player Alex Rodriguez. On one occasion we saw the couple arguing to the point that JLo ending up in tears. A few days after that incident she was seen with her ex, Ben Affleck.

The star of Gone Girl had just ended his fling with Cuban actress Ana de Armas. Weeks after their break-ups, both actors were seen looking very cozy. Finally, the couple confirmed that they were giving their love a second chance. They had famously dated in 2002 but separated in 2004.

They try to forget their exes

Jennifer López prenuptial agreement: They try to forget their ex-partners
PHOTO: Twitter

When Ben broke up with Ana de Armas, some fans of the actor were worried about him. When he divorced actress Jennifer Garner, Affleck struggled with addiction which seemed to be a serious problem that he couldn’t get over. He won the role of Batman and a relationship with Ana, and overcame his demons.

Now Ben and Jennifer are hot and heavy and headed to the altar. Photos of the two were leaked, visiting a 123-room mansion in an exclusive neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. And now, a rumored sex clause in their prenup has come to light.

An unusual contract

Jennifer Lopez prenuptial agreement: A little unusual agreement
PHOTO: Twitter

According to Telemundo, now that the beloved couple has recommitted, a particular clause in the prenup that Jennifer Lopez allegedly made Ben Affleck sign has come to light. No one expected that the On the Floor singer had to get those kinds of commitments in writing. But what a request!

The media says that many rumors have arisen regarding the the actors’ new romance . One of the most recent rumors says JLo has a clause in her prenup stating that Affleck must have sex with her at least four times a week.

The world is surprised by the spicy contract

Jennifer Lopez prenuptial agreement: The world surprised by tremendous agreement.
PHOTO: Twitter

Some users on social media are finding this whole situation funny. There are many jokes about Ben Affleck circulating on Twitter. For instance, internet users say that the 49-year-old actor will need a break to be able to stay active during the day.

«The Beni all drained.» “Just 4 times? Is it a limiting measure or a requirement? «Since her first prenuptial agreement, she demanded that he have sexual intercourse at least 5 times a week,» says a Twitter user referring to the commitment they had when they got engaged five years ago.

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