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Jahvel Johnson, singer who won TV Azteca reality show, dies of heart attack

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Muere Jim Lynch
  • Pablo López, known as Jahvel Johnson, dies of a fatal heart attack.
  • He participated in the TV Azteca reality show ‘Mexico has talent’.
  • His talent was discovered in the wagons of the Mexico City Metro.

Pablo López, known as Jahvel Johnson, who was a contestant on the Tv Azteca reality show ‘Mexico has talent’ and rose to fame after being discovered in the Mexico City Metro wagons, died of a heart attack, according to the news site Infobae and the El Universal news agency.

Preliminary reports indicate that the singer passed away on the morning of October 19 at the age of 51. So far no more is known about his death, but messages of unity for the family and the memory of his great talent are already circulating on social networks.


Jahvel Johnson dies
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It was in 2014 that he won the contest and obtained the ‘juicy’ amount of 1 million pesos (approximately $ 49,530). However, he never saw that money, since it was invested in a tour that was never carried out, according to him, due to agreements with his work team, so when they were canceled, that money had to be used.

Today people remember him with great affection, since a simple and common citizen who, like many others, tries to make a living as it is and more when their talents are used, regardless of whether it is on public roads, as happened to Pablo. López, who has passed away and was a winner of Mexico is talented.


Pablo Lopez
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Through the Facbook account Jahvel Only here Johnson, a video with music of the presumed funeral of the Mexican singer was published has talent. The broadcast was live and so far it has had 33 reactions and more than 120 comments, and has been shared more than 45 times.

In the video, many people mourned his death and highlighted the great talent he had. At no time was the artist’s face seen, despite the fact that the coffin was open and around it were many floral arrangements of friends, family and acquaintances. Filed Under: Jahvel Johnson Dies Heart Attack

Heart attack Jahvel Johnson dies: DREAMED OF SUCCESS

Aztec TV
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It was on December 12, 2014 when Pablo won the contest in which he had captivated figures like Ximena Sariñana with his voice. Days before his triumph, he told this newspaper that he had not been able to return to work on the subway because there were operations; Nor in Coyoacán could he sing because he needed a permit to work on public roads.

To that singer who was not even allowed to work on the street, Ximena Sariñana said: “You open your mouth and collapse the stage, whatever stage you stand on, be it the subway, be it ‘Mexico has talent’ or the Internet, you collapse ”. Filed Under: Jahvel Johnson Dies Heart Attack. To see the video click here.

Jahvel Johnson dies: HE RECORDED A DISC

Jahvel Johnson dies
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The singer also known as Jahvel Johnson won a prize of one million pesos and what happened next was not a fairy tale. Part of the money was invested in a tour that did not arrive and only recorded one album: he had signed a contract with Sony Music for four albums, but the president of the company, Roberto López, gave him 50 thousand pesos so that he would recover financially and the ease of accessing the master of your recording, since the other three discs would not be recorded.

In 2016, then with his wife and a four-year-old girl, the singer no longer had any money and the dream of being a star was also gone. He explained that for the fortnight he had 7 thousand pesos and had to pay rent, electricity and water. “I already stayed on the street. People will think that I gave myself the great luxuries, but that they go to my house to see them because there are none, he commented.

Jahvel Johnson dies heart attack: LEFT WITH DEBTS

Aztec tv
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“Although right now I am homeless, at least I am free and I can start working as if the prize I won was in vain and not that much because I still owe him 338 thousand pesos. I have to work to pay that debt, I don’t think anyone is going to help me ”.

However, the musician was still grateful to TV Azteca for opening the doors and raising his image and to the Sony company, for giving him artistic support. He pointed out that at that time he was not aware of his contract with Azteca, which would end approximately in 2018, he only had to be aware of if they called him because although it was an Azteca product, they do not handle it.


Pablo Lopez
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“Participating with them is free propaganda for me and I sign up.” The musician was used to being kicked by life because he remembered that it came from the street. He only had good words about Sony: “At the end of the day Sony complied because they recorded me, the problem is not with them. I think they did not achieve what they expected of me and I did not achieve what I expected of them, they did not see me as a profitable product ”.

But Westwod also set foot on him. He recalled that he joined the company to represent him and they asked him to invest in a tour that he did not have because apparently they stopped his image and they only hoped that he would sign a demarcation letter without returning the money invested. Filed Under: Jahvel Johnson Dies Heart Attack


Reality show
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“I was promised an artistic career and I did not see it, have you seen me in promotion or shows? Perhaps there are other projects that prevented me from going out to work, they saw me as a small product, or other things gained more attention and I was pushed aside, I really don’t know.

“Perhaps it is due to ignorance. They (Westwood) do not clarify what time they have, their business is that the artist is ready when they call him, but if they know that there is nothing, why not tell you and then you dedicate yourself to invest? They brought me in week after week calling and asking; life moves on and you eat the money not invested ”. Filed Under: Jahvel Johnson Dies Heart Attack


Jahvel Johnson dies
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The place where he was born, the subway, could not have been his refuge either when he was still tied to his representatives and a record company because he was forbidden to return so as not to “burn the image.” The singer was looking to resume his career in June 2016, but apparently did not succeed.

On his YouTube channel called Jahvel Johnson Vevo, with just over 26,000 subscribers, there are only ten videos of what appears to be his album that were uploaded six years ago. On his official Instagram account, he stopped posting in March 2020 and had just over 700 followers. Filed Under: Jahvel Johnson Dies Heart Attack


Pablo Lopez

Pablo, who went viral for singing in the Metro Collective Transportation System, died this October 19 at 51, victim of a heart attack, just one month after his daughter died. “I know that with work, with faith in God and with the support of certain people, I can get ahead.

Although I could say all the details, I think it is past water because every artist has a moment when he gets into a deal that is not convenient for him. This was like my hazing, I prefer to take it that way. You already learn and you are already located. It is not convenient for me to speak badly, what do I gain from that? ”, He said in June 2016 when he was about to start a job at the Sixtie’s bar, in Insurgentes.

Jahvel Johnson Dies Heart Attack: Fired

Jahvel Johnson dies
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In the Facebook account where the video of her funeral appeared, people wrote: “You are with your baby”, “Rest in peace, great friend”, “I remember that you congratulated me on my birthday, an excellent human being. A big hug for your family, may he rest in peace, master. ”

“My condolences, great singer and person”, “how sad to see your departure, I was shocked by the news, a big hug for your family”, “regrettable loss of a great human being despite all adversities, a great voice that was never really valued, ”more people said.

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