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Rafael Amaya introduces the great lucky woman he calls ‘the love of his life’ (VIDEO)

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  • Rafael Amaya talks about his greatest love.
  • He claims that thanks to her he found the stability he always wanted.
  • He talks about his health and participation in the series ‘Malverde: The Patron Saint’.

“I adore her, she is very real and authentic.” Mexican actor Rafael Amaya surprised his fans through social networks when he spoke during an interview about his greatest love, whom he always trusts, stating that it was thanks to her that the stability that he so desired in his life has finally returned, who is the lucky girl?

It was several months ago that the Mexican actor, known internationally for playing the role of Aurelio Casillas in the Telemundo series ‘El Señor de los Cielos’, Rafael Amaya, was involved in a controversy after it was reported that he had entered a rehabilitation center for drug abuse.

He talks about his love and his return to television; Rafael Amaya presents his great love

He talks about his love and his return to television; Rafael Amaya presents his great love
VIDEO: Instagram. Rafael Amaya

After this, many of his loyal fans were quite concerned about his health, sending prayers so that soon the 44-year-old actor would finally manage to come out in front of this small setback, prayers that fortunately were made reality, since after several months the Mexican he is already much better.

Through his official Instagram account, Rafael Amaya shared an interview where he spoke about his participation in the Telemundo series ‘Malverde: El Santo Patrón’, which was shared by the People in Spanish portal, where he not only spoke about his work but also of a mysterious love that made him have the stability that he so desired.

He thanks his fans for waiting for him; Rafael Amaya presents his great love

He thanks his fans for waiting for him; Rafael Amaya presents his great love
VIDEO: Instagram. Rafael Amaya

And it is that all this revelation about his great love was derived after Rafael Amaya thanked the team of the series for having made him feel so happy and comfortable: “I am very grateful. I met a lot of people that I had worked with before. They all welcomed me with open arms ”.

After this, Rafael did not miss the opportunity to also thank his fans for waiting, stating that he knew they would understand why he moved away from the public eye a bit: the press, ”he reported during the interview, which was shared by the magazine People in spanish.

Through an interview, Rafael Amaya reveals his greatest love

Through an interview, Rafael Amaya reveals his greatest love
VIDEO: Instagram. Rafael Amaya

After these thanks, Rafael Amaya finally spoke of his great love, and against all odds, where many believed that it was a mysterious woman, it was actually his beloved kitten, whom, according to the actor, is one of the most faithful and authentic animals of all, ensuring that thanks to this little feline she managed to have the stability that she so desired in recent months:

“Every time I get to know more people I love my cat more. She is real, I adore her ”, says Rafael Amaya during his interview when he showed the public his beloved kitten named Amaya, filling her with pampering and kisses during the broadcast, which already has more than 400 thousand reproductions just one day from have been shared.

Who is Rafael Amaya’s greatest love?

Who is Rafael Amaya's greatest love?
VIDEO: Instagram. Rafael Amaya

After this, the Mexican actor of several Mexican series and soap operas assured during his interview that he loved his kitten very much because he liked things and things very much. persons authentic, those that showed themselves as they were without sham and lies, commenting in passing that there was very little time to go around lamenting over nonsense:

“I like the true, the genuine, that life is not predictable, I like the surprise object. The troubles last a little, because I change them for good things, because there are blessings, and there is little time to be lamenting over nonsense, “added the protagonist of the series ‘The Lord of the Skies’ when revealing his greatest love.

He talks about his health and says he is feeling much better

He talks about his health and says he is feeling much better
VIDEO: Instagram. Rafael Amaya

To end the interview, Rafael Amaya spoke a little about his current condition and his health, assuring that he was already much better than a few months ago, informing that he had begun to listen to himself and love himself, always putting his health and his family first:

“(…) I always try to put my family, my health and my inner child that I had neglected first, seek peace in my life, and achieve my goals and have fun in the process (…) I thank God for waking up and having a smile on the face and look good, be real, period, and that’s what people see and what is false is noticeable, “he commented during his interview, where he revealed his greatest cat love. VIDEO HERE OF RAFAEL AMAYA

Do you blame Aurelio Casillas? Rafael Amaya reappears in ‘Hoy Día’ and talks about his rehabilitation (VIDEO)

PHOTO: Mezcalent

Rafael Amaya reappears after being ‘lost’. The mexican actor Rafael Amaya, better known for his leading role in the series ‘El Señor de los Cielos’, reappears before the media, after he was in rehabilitation for addiction problems, which forced the artist to temporarily withdraw from television.

Now the Mexican reappears in the Program morning of Hoy Día in an interview where he makes some confessions about his past and his problems that caused him to distance himself from both the media and television, where he shone throughout his career … do you blame Aurelio Casillas for what What happened?.

Rafael Amaya reappears

VIDEO: Instagram

José Rafael Amaya Núñez, whose stage name is Rafael Amaya, is a Mexican actor born on February 28, 1977 in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora. He is the son of Rafael Ángel Amaya and Rosario Núñez de Amaya, and has a sister named Fátima.

It should be remembered that although he was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, at an early age he moved with his family to the border city of Tecate, in Baja California, United States. There he spent much of his childhood and adolescence, standing out in sports-related activities.

“I was lost”, reports through the morning

VIDEO: Instagram

During the interview that was broadcast on the Hoy Día program, ‘El Señor de los Cielos’ confesses certain stages of his past that he is not proud to mention: “They gave me authorization to take me to the clinic, because I was lost, I was isolated from the world, I was angry with everyone, but it wasn’t me, ”Rafael said.

“Before forgiving others, I forgave myself, that conscience that I had from that time, I thought it was the correct one,” said the Mexican actor, during the interview, where he returned to reappear before the media, then of his rehabilitation.

“You are appreciated Rafael”; they tell the protagonist of ‘The Lord of the Skies’

VIDEO: Instgaram

The admiration and respect that Rafael Amaya has exercised in his followers is impressive, since they immediately commented on the post of the program where they send their support and encouragement for the Mexican: “Rafael is appreciated. I think it is too early to return to the world of television but it may also help you overcome your anxieties, “said a netizen.

“I am dying to see her, a great man recognizing her fall and more when accepting help. May God bless you and may you continue to know the love of God that makes everything new “,” Do not let go of God, he will give you the strength not to fall any more “,” may you continue to achieve success RAFA, it is wise to recognize mistakes , everything in this life is learning ”, were some comments.

Do you blame your character Aurelio Casillas for what happened to you?

VIDEO: Instagram

In the interview on Hoy Día, the actor visibly improved but also with a different face from the one he had during his time playing Aurelio Casillas, said if he blamed his character for everything that happened to him: “No, it was not the character, I was I, the decision was mine, it was not Aurelio, that is, they train us to leave the character in the closet, wherever, take off your shoes or when you take a bath and that’s it… ”, he continued.

“Yes I got carried away by many things such as banality, materialism, ego, boasting, success… right now is when I am most successful, because I have health, I have a family, I have my work commitments… before it was not to have commitment to Life, not caring, I didn’t care about anything because many things were coming at me, there is no manual to be famous because ego and confidence are the worst enemies of talent, “the actor reported last June during his interview with the program ‘Hoy Día’. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF WHAT RAFAEL AMAYA SAID

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