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How to get rid of crow’s feet without botox

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Want to know how to get rid of crow’s feet? Although it is true that the passage of time is inevitable, there are many natural ways to protect your skin from the natural ravages that come with living a life. You don’t need to get Botox if you don’t want to, as there are numerous natural ingredients, creams and tools that can considerably reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. Know what they are!

Facial creams

If you go to a dermatologist, they will most likely prescribe a cream or ointment to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and prevent further damage from occurring in that area. In general, the creams used to prevent crow’s feet contain vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, which, among other things, protect the skin from UV rays and stimulate collagen production, giving you a more youthful appearance in a short time.

Healthy eating helps

How to get rid of crow's feet without botox

Food and hydration play a fundamental role in how to get rid of crow’s feet. Therefore, if you want to reduce eye wrinkles, science recommends these two drinks: Cocoa and water with Aloe Vera; With them, you will increase your intake of antioxidants, which you can also get from foods such as broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and grapes.

How to get rid of crow’s feet? Sun protection

Two essential steps to show off healthy and radiant skin (and without crow’s feet) is applying sunscreen and wearing sunglasses to prevent damage caused by UV rays. The glasses will serve to prevent you from closing your eyes repeatedly while you are out on the street in broad daylight. This movement, when constant, leaves marks that can later be difficult to remove.

Buy a new pillow

How to get rid of crow's feet without botox

Not all the factors that influence the appearance of crow’s feet are natural; some are preventable, such as finding a silk pillow or eye mask to wear at night. When we sleep, our skin is in direct contact with the fabric of the pillow, which, when making involuntary movements or constantly resting in the same position, favors the formation of ‘crow’s feet’.


Have you noticed the appearance of small signs of aging? It’s time to pamper your skin with an exfoliation! This procedure contributes to cell regeneration and helps to show off younger skin. As well as helping to reduce ‘crow’s feet’, exfoliation adds volume to the epidermis, which helps considerably to make aging lines less visible.

Natural remedies for crow’s feet

healthy avocados

Prepare some facial masks and scrubs at home to discover how nature is your best ally to get rid of crow’s feet and prevent the appearance of more acute signs of aging. Ingredients such as honey, avocado, egg whites and coconut oil have proven to be highly efficient for all skin types, although the ideal is to consult an expert to verify that you are not allergic to any of them.

Avoid stress

The loss of elasticity in the skin is something natural over the years, but some habits could alternately affect the eye area, favoring the appearance of crow’s feet. Stress and lack of sleep accelerate the appearance of these signs of aging, so it is recommended to maintain a good diet, physical activity and care and meditation routines.

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