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How to eliminate dust: 12 ways to get a dust-free home

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Do you know how to eliminate dust in your home? Between 65 and 130 million people are allergic to dust, which can manifest from mild discomfort such as burning eyes or sneezing, to more serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing. Due to the fact that dust includes small particles of debris and dead skin, it is possible that, along with allergies, it can cause diseases and infections. Find out how to make sure your house is dust-free!

How to eliminate dust: Get a doormat

The door of your home is the entry point for a lot of dust. In addition to keeping it closed, it is recommended to place a mat both outside and inside your door, so your shoes don’t come into contact with the floor of your home. Experts recommend placing a coarse doormat and taking your shoes off as soon as you get home, since these contain a large amount of waste from the environment that could be harmful to your health.

De-clutter to eliminate dust

dust on the floor

Doing a general cleaning of your home will allow you to identify which accessories, furniture and utensils you no longer use and that only occupy a space in your house. The more items you have, the more prone you are to dust buildup. Also, having too many items in your rooms will increase the time you spend dusting. However, if you want to keep them, it is best to create a safe space away from dust, such as sealed containers or special furniture.

Avoid carpet to eliminate dust

If you have carpet in your home, you may want to consider removing it to make room for hard flooring, especially if you’ve noticed a buildup of dust or dirt on it. Having a rug at home requires constant maintenance. Vacuuming is an option, but it must be done very regularly to prevent dust particles from accumulating and causing harm to people’s health.

Install an air purifier


Installing an air purifier is an excellent way to eliminate dust. These types of devices cost approximately $500 to $1,800. The task of an air purifier is to filter the air inside the house to eliminate sources of pollution. The air passes through several filters, where all the dust and contaminants will be retained before the air goes out again.

Keep the windows closed

This recommendation is especially useful for people who live in busy areas where there is construction work or a lot of vehicular traffic, since more pollution is generated during working hours. One option is to keep the windows open during the early hours of the day and a few hours at night. In addition, it is recommended to install a special mesh to prevent excess dust in the house or apartment.

Limit the use of textiles

someone dusting a piece of furniture

When furnishing a house, it is usual to find options for fabric upholstery or woven decorative items that, in the long run, will accumulate a large amount of dust when left in the same position for many days. Although it is true that it is possible to vacuum, the reality is that many people do not find this practical. Limiting textiles will also eliminate dust.

Avoid artificial plants because they carry dust

When it comes to decoration, the best option will always be to place pots with natural plants outside the house and right next to, or under the windows. As for artificial plants, consider that they should be cleaned regularly, as they are a source of dust accumulation that could go unnoticed.

Choose blinds instead of curtains


Like a fabric rug or armchair, textiles are clearly one of the least recommended options for decorating your home, and that includes curtains. Fortunately, there are options that are easier to clean than a fabric curtain, such as blinds. these will prevent the entry of dust, but they will need to be carefully cleaned on a regular basis to remove dirt and contaminating particles.

Change your sheets weekly to eliminate dust

Try to change your sheets and pillow covers at least every week, otherwise you could be inadvertently breathing in dust particles. In addition to washing your bed covers and pillows, it is recommended to vacuum the mattress and flip it. It’s also good to air it out for a few minutes.

Clean your ceilings


It’s normal to worry about cleaning the dust that enters the house and settles on surfaces such as floors, tables and containers, but that does not mean that you have to forget about the dust that accumulates on the ceilings. With a vacuum cleaner, clean the excess dust that has concentrated on ceilings, fans and lamps. Remember that you could be inadvertently breathing in all that dust.

Keep water indoors

If the space where you live allows it, it is recommended to place water, such as fountains, since these help eliminate dust by increasing the humidity in the air. This means that the residue will not spread as easily. However, keeping an object with water inside the house requires special care to avoid flies and insects, so you will have to change the water regularly.

Vacuum your surfaces to avoid accumulating dust

vacuum cleaner removing dust

It may seem like a simple task, but it is one of the most practical to ensure that the air you breathe is as pure as possible. Floors, furniture, beds, window frames and ceilings are just a few of the most important spaces where you can vacuum. All these measures will help you keep your home clean for longer, and prevent you from contracting diseases or suffering from allergies related to particles accumulated in the air.

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