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How to clean grout: Simple steps to a spotless shower

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Do you know how to clean grout without losing your mind? Clean grout makes your shower look like new but this task requires following several steps. Find out what they are! We’ve got the cleaners, the best tools and ideal steps to get your shower looking fabulous in no time.

First clean grout with hot water

The first step you can take to start cleaning grout in your shower and bathroom is to boil several cups of water and when the water is lukewarm, pour it little by little over the lines where the grout is. This will make the next step easier.

Prepare your cleaning mixture

How to clean grout

You can use different cleaning products to clean grout, but make sure that they are suitable for cleaning grout. Otherwise, you will damage the surface of your tile and you will not achieve the desired result. These products are generally foam-type soaps. If you do not want to buy a specialized product, you can prepare your mixture at home by mixing several tablespoons of baking soda with a few drops of water to make a paste. For a deeper clean, scrub and remove excess with a warm mixture of water and vinegar.

Select your grout cleaning tools

To thoroughly (and safely) clean grout in your shower, you’ll need a few readily available tools like gloves, a mask, sponges and brushes, as well as a cloth rag to dry with once you’re done. It is also recommended to get a spray bottle for your mixture of water and vinegar. You may also want goggles in case you use materials such as chlorine.

Brush the grout

Person cleaning bathroom grout

Apply your mixture to the surface where the grout is with a scrub brush and wait for it to create a bubble-like consistency. Then gently scrub and remove all the dirt. Do this for a few seconds at a time, covering all the surfaces of your shower to eliminate all possible bacteria and leave your bathroom sparkling in every corner. Finally, remove the excess foam with a splash of water.

Other mixes to clean grout

It is possible to use special products for cleaning grout or you can prepare a mixture of water and vinegar and a paste of baking soda with water. You can also use oxygen bleaches and chlorine bleaches. It is recommended to apply the oxygenated bleaches to the grout and let it sit for up to 15 minutes. Chlorine bleaches are only recommended in very specific cases. Always be sure to properly ventilate your bathroom and your home and, preferably, avoid breathing any of these products directly.

Repeat the process

How to clean grout

The general recommendation is to lightly clean bathroom tile and grout at least once a day, but experts say deep cleaning is required at least twice a year. A more detailed cleaning requires drying for at least 24 hours, which is why it is more common to do it in the spring and autumn to prevent so you aren’t airing your bathroom out in the middle of winter.

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