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How to become an Uber Eats driver: A step-by-step guide

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Are you interested in working for Uber Eats? Find out how! In addition to flexibility, this platform offers the opportunity to generate an income and receive tips without having to invest large amounts of money. Joining Uber Eats is very simple, because you only have to register on the platform and verify that you meet a series of basic requirements. Check out our step-by-step guide for how to become an Uber Eats driver and start making money on your terms today!

You need a vehicle

To register on to become an Uber Eats driver, you do not need to have a late-model car but you do need to verify that you have access to a means of transport to make deliveries. If you have your own car, the requirements for it to be accepted as a method of transport are: that it has two or four doors and has been manufactured after 1998. The driver must also present a current license.

Verify that your cell phone is compatible with Uber Eats

Woman downloading Uber Eats

Just as there are some rules for cars, there are also some rules for mobile devices that can be used to receive orders, since you need to be able to get the orders, communicate and make deliveries. For example, it is recommended that the registered mobile device has a recently updated Android operating system. If you have an iPhone, it must be a model 5s or higher.

Active bank account

As a delivery person, it is essential that you open a bank account at the financial institution of your choice, since iUber Eats will need somewhere to deposit the earnings you generate. According to the Uber Eats statutes, every Friday a count is made of the earnings generated by the full work days. All trips that have been invoiced after 4:00 p.m. will be paid in the following week.

Download the Uber Eats app

Girl ordering Uber Eats

One of the first steps to signing up as an Uber Eats delivery driver is to download the app and follow the simple steps to start receiving your first orders. Just download the app on your iPhone or Android device, click on ‘Account’ and then choose the ‘Deliver with Uber’ option. The last step will be to accept the terms and conditions.

Take a test

To deliver on Uber Eats, you’ll first need to go through a thorough background screening process, with results expected in 3-5 business days. For this process, Uber uses Checkr to conduct a background check of applicants living in the United States. The platform will send you the results so that you can complete your registration if it is accepted.

Upload the required documents


Despite being a simple process, signing up for Uber Eats follows specific standards to verify that drivers are trustworthy people and are authorized to make deliveries. Among the required documents, the platform will request: vehicle insurance, driver’s license and vehicle registration. The images must be clear and the text legible. Also, the documents can’t be near their expiration date.

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