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Hormone replacement therapy: What could HRT do for you?

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Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that consists of medication with female hormones, which have the task of replacing the amount of estrogen that the body stops producing. It also helps treat other conditions. For some patients, hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, helps combat symptoms that occur at the stage of menopause. For others it helps in the transition of gender or in the treatment for some types of cancer. Learn more about this therapy and what its most common uses are.

Help during menopause

Hormone replacement therapy is especially useful for relieving the symptoms of menopause, whether it occurs early or late. However, not all doctors recommend it, and its use must meet certain requirements. For example, it is indicated for patients with severe hot flashes and vaginal dryness, who should receive a minimum dose for a short period, as long as they are under 59 years of age.

Muscle therapy and function

therapy pill

Although hormone replacement therapy has some side effects that can impact the quality of life of patients, scientific evidence has also been found other benefits such as the strengthening of muscle tissues. Studies conducted on patients taking HRT have found that patients have shown significant improvement in contractile proteins that are linked to the natural aging process.

Transition for transgender people

Patients who require gender reassignment treatment resort to hormone replacement therapy to modify hormone levels so that they are similar to the desired gender. Your doctor will usually recommend taking hormone replacement therapy for at least 12 months before scheduling gender reassignment surgery, in which your genitals will be changed to match those of the gender you identify with.

Prostate cancer therapy


Patients with prostate cancer may receive hormone replacement therapy to increase the chances of surviving the disease or going into remission. This works because the treatment prevents the body from continuing to produce testosterone from reaching the prostate, since it is this male hormone that contributes to the production of cancer cells in the prostate.

Facial care

Not all uses of hormone replacement therapy directly impact a person’s physical health. For more than three decades the medical community has been able to demonstrate the positive effects of this treatment on skin rejuvenation. Thanks to hormone replacement therapy, doctors have found an increase in skin hydration, in addition to improving the quality of the collagen produced, thus resulting in the reduction of wrinkles.

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