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Former McDonald’s employee reveals secret to getting fresher burgers and fries

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Hombre amenaza hacha McDonald's
  • Some secrets about one of the most famous restaurants in the world have been revealed.
  • A former employee reveals the truth about their fries.
  • What will happen now with the brand?

A former McDonald’s employee has revealed the secret to ensuring your burgers and fries are fresh every time you order. McDonald’s is one of the most famous fast food restaurants around the world and one of its former employees has revealed a secret that surprised everyone.

Interestingly, another social media user had already revealed this information and it is very similar to what the former employee said to a very important media outlet. Could the company get into trouble due to these revelations?

What did the former employee say?

What did the former worker say?
PHOTO: Twitter

According to The Sun, a former McDonald’s employee has revealed what he learned to do to get a fresh burger every time. He says: “I used to work at McDonald’s and I picked this tip up when I was a kid working there. If you want your sandwich or your fries, anything you want, made fresh, make sure to add something special to it.»

“Whether it’s no pickles, no onions, light ketchup, no salt on the fries. They have to make it fresh. They will have to make yours special.” While asking for no salt on your fries probably means a slightly longer wait time, it’s worth it. «No one wants an old sandwich that has been sitting there for a while, so if you order something special, they have to make it fresh.» FILED FROM: Former McDonald’s Employee

The truth about McDonald’s famous fries?

Former McDonald's Employee: What else did you say?
PHOTO: Twitter

Unfortunately, another McDonald’s employee exposed the truth behind its beloved French fries. This McDonald’s employee showed what accumulates at the bottom of the fries tray throughout the day in a viral TikTok. She shared what all the salt and grease looks like after the fries are made.

In the video, she scrapes off the layers of fat and leftover fries at the bottom of the pan with a large metal tool that usually scoops up the fries and places them in cardboard boxes. Luckily, that residue isn’t on the fries that are actually served to customers. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

FILED FROM: Former McDonald’s Employee

Another McDonald’s employee shares her secrets

A former McDonald's employee has revealed the secret: Another person reveals the same thing
PHOTO: Twitter

TikTok user Amber, who posts under the handle @mentallybrokenbetch, has gone viral for sharing tips and tricks from working for the fast-food giant. She also suggests ordering fries with no salt if you want them made fresh.

Amber also shared some other interesting facts. For example, the moment you drive your car to the drive-thru, employees wearing headphones can hear what you say. This is true even when they ask you to wait before receiving the order from you because they are busy inside. Everything you say, they listen! FILED FROM: Former McDonald’s Employee

Drive-thru Special

Drive-thru Special
PHOTO: Twitter

They ask you to move for competition purposes. Some McDonald’s drive-thrus may have black discs in place. If your food is taking a long time you may be asked to stop at a waiting area to have your order brought to you.

This is because they compete with other fast food restaurants for the fastest service. A bit misleading, but it makes sense! So remember, next time you order, ask for something special! FILED FROM: Former McDonald’s Employee

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