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Pupusas: A bit of its history and 10 different ways to serve them

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As of today, the meaning of the word “pupusa” is unknown; However, this is one of the most recognized dishes of Central America, especially from countries like El Salvador and Honduras. It is a recipe made from corn or rice dough, which includes a filling such as beans, cheese or pork rinds, among many others. One of the historical beliefs is that pupusas had their origin thanks to miscegenation, and that it is a culinary tradition that was enriched by post-colonization migrations. On this occasion, we present you 10 unmissable recipes that will conquer your palate with the taste of Pupusas.

Traditional pupusas

Although much has been argued about the true origin of pupusas, countries like Honduras and El Salvador have claimed ‘original’ recipes for this nutritious and versatile dish. The most traditional recipes for pupusas use ingredients such as corn flour and water, which are the main base of all pupusas; one way to consume them is simply by mixing these ingredients and simmering them for a few minutes, seasoning the mixture to taste.

With cheese

Some pupusas on a plate

One of the most famous versions of pupusas is the one that includes cheese. The versatility of this dish allows you to mix all kinds of flavors, so you can add the cheese of your choice to your pupusas. Pupusas can be mixed with Manchego, gouda, quesillo, or Parmesan cheese, to name a few, although many recommend adding mozzarella for a more gourmet experience.

With beans and cheese

If you’ve already mixed your ingredients and you’re about to make some cheese pupusas, why not add some beans? This will give your food the ideal balance, giving it the flavor and nutrients necessary for a healthy life. Add to your pupusas the cheese of your choice and refried or whole beans, either canned or prepared at the moment. Without a doubt, it is a dish capable of feeding the whole family with an incredible flavor.

Pupusas with cabbage

Pupusas being prepared

After trying the pupusas with a mixture of pickled cabbage, you will not want to try anything else, and that is a combination of flavors capable of conquering any palate. For this version, you will need the basic pupusas recipe, plus two cups of red cabbage, onion, olive oil, dijon mustard, and seasonings to taste, which you will mix to cover your pupusas when serving.

Made with oats

This version of the traditional pupusas recipe is, in addition to being nutritious and healthy, very profitable, since it only requires one cup of flour, two cups of oatmeal and two cups of hot water. One of the best known secrets to prepare pupusas is to knead the flour mixture with the water and the oats for several minutes to achieve the desired consistency.


Pupusas served on a table

The loroco is an aromatic and edible plant that has a great presence in Central America, especially in countries like El Salvador, where, many believe, pupusas originate. To use them in this recipe, it is necessary to boil the loroco and let them cool for a few minutes; later, the stems are cut to discard them, since they add a bitter taste to the recipe.

With pork rinds and cheese

Although cheese is one of the most used ingredients to prepare pupusas, recipes such as chicharrón in its different versions also enjoy great popularity. This is because pork is one of the most consumed foods in Latin America, due to its many nutrients, its flavor and its affordable prices.

Squash pupusas


Squash is a type of pumpkin consumed in El Salvador and some Central American countries, which stands out for its delicate flavor and versatility, since it can be consumed in different ways. One of them is to grate the pulp of this fruit, which is squeezed to remove the excess water and add it to the dough with which the pupusa will be prepared and to the different mixes of ingredients with which it is to be served.


Chicharrón pupusas are one of the most famous and the most requested by diners, but not all people consume pork (or meat in general), so there are vegetarian variations, such as soy pupusas. For this recipe, exactly the same steps are followed: mix water with the cornmeal and, at the same time, cook the soy meat to taste to prepare a vegetarian filling.

Meat pupusas


In addition to the soy pupusas, another recommended option is to add a ground meat filling, either chicken, beef, turkey or pork, which will give a broader nutritional value to this food. As you can see, the options are endless when it comes to preparing pupusas, and each person can create their own combinations to suit their tastes, needs and budget, try to prepare yours!

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