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Father of missing teen Debanhi Escobar reveals his last conversation with his daughter

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  • Debanhi Escobar has been missing since Saturday.
  • She went out to a party in Escobedo, Nuevo León.
  • A taxi driver left her alone on a road in the middle of the night

Debanhi Susana Escobar, 18 years old, has been missing since Saturday after leaving a party in Escobedo, Nuevo León. Her parents begged her not to go out that night, but it was no use. Today she is the subject of a massive search in Mexico, according to Milenio and the Reforma agency.

A photo of the young woman where she is standing alone on the Highway to Laredo went viral on social media. Yesterday it was revealed that she had an argument with her friends and one of used them taxi app to get her a ride home. A source close to the case indicated that, for reasons that were not specified, the young woman apparently asked the taxi driver to leave her on the road.


Debanhi Escobar disappeared Nuevo León
Photo Reforma Agency

When questioned by the authorities, the driver said that he took the photo of the girl to avoid problems. He said that the image was sent to the friend who had requested the car. He said he explained what had happened and that he was leaving her there. Now Debanhi Escobar is missing. On the Instagram account @debanhi.escobar, people began to criticize the friends for abandoning her on the road.

The 18-year-old’s parents met with authorities from the Attorney General’s Office to find out how they were progressing with the case. After leaving the meeting, which lasted three hours, Debanhi’s father, Mario Escobar, explained that they obtained information from the investigators who explained what they are doing to locate her. He said that his despair increases with each day that goes by and she’s still missing.


Young party Nuevo Leon
Photo Twitter

During the investigation of Debanhi’s disappearance carried out by the Attorney General’s Office, ministerial elements reviewed the interior of the Nueva Castilla Motel, which is near the place where she was last seen.

The motel is located on the Carretera a Laredo, in Colonia Nueva Castilla. It is a place full of villas, one of them was where she went last Friday night and early Saturday morning. The agents arrived at the scene shortly before 10:00 a.m. and searched several rooms, in addition to checking the images of the security cameras for the hours before and after the moment of disappearance. Filed Under: Missing Debanhi Escobar


They abandon a young man on the highway to Laredo
Photo Twitter

In an interview for Milenio, Debanhi’s father said that they did not want to let her go to the party and that they begged her: «Before leaving the house we asked her, we begged her, don’t go out, don’t go out. There is a list of 15 missing people on social media. My wife begged her.»

And he recounted what has happened since she left home: «She goes out on Friday night, she leaves at 9 at night, and usually the kids’ parties end at 3, 4 in the morning. We were scared, and then she did not return as we all know.”


The girl’s father said: «»I let the time pass to before calling police. At 9 in the morning I spoke to locatel, to Cedeco, to the MP that is now virtual and we have already started the search talking with all those involved. Obviously what we want is for our daughter to come home.”

And he added a message for parents: «Tell all parents that being in this situation has been extremely painful. We know that we have never been exempt from that, we had always believed that unfortunately these things happen.»

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