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DJ Gio, Giovanni Razo Pizano, was shot to death in a mysterious crime (PHOTOS)

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  • Giovanni Isidro Razo Pizano was shot to death in the middle of the night.
  • He was well known as DJ Gio in Sacramento, California.
  • The Hispanic community in the city is outraged by a wave of murders.

Giovanni Isidro Razo Pizano, known as DJ Gio, was shot to death in a mysterious tragedy in the city of Sacramento, California. The Sacramento Police Department (SPD) revealed details of the brutal crime in which the young Hispanic artist died.

Young Giovanni Isidro Razo Pizano, 31, was one of two people killed in a shooting at dawn in the semi-rural town of Natomas, California. It’s northeast of the Sacramento metropolitan area. Vernon Mulder, 30, is the other man killed in the brutal tragedy.

Who shot DJ Gio?

Who shot Giovanni Isidro Razo Pizano to death?
Giovanni Isidro Razo Pizano was a well-known electronic music DJ in Sacramento, California who gained fame in the city as DJ Gio. (PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico)

The community in Sacramento has expressed outrage at the constant shooting in the city. In less than two months, the city has already seen at least three mass shootings that have left several victims. And, like Giovanni Isidro Razo Pizano, several are Hispanic.

Giovanni Isidro Razo Pizano, known as DJ Gio, was one of the emerging figures in Sacramento electronic music. He was slowly gaining a place in the music scene in his town and was respected for his talent on the turntables and charisma at the microphone.

Several neighbors reported the sound of gunfire in the early morning

Several neighbors reported a noisy shooting in the early morning
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

According to the crime report made by the SPD Homicide Division, on Sunday, April 10, 2022, at 3:25 in the morning, some residents of the Natomas community called the police to report a loud shooting.

Several SPD patrol cars showed up at the corner of East Commerce Way and Amelia Earhart Avenue, where officers found two men badly injured. The officers requested the presence of the paramedics of the Sacramento Fire Department (SFD).

Authorities ask for help to solve the crime

Authorities ask for help to solve the crime
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

However, when SFD paramedics arrived on the scene at East Commerce Way and Amelia Earhart Avenue they were powerless to do anything to save Giovanni Isidro Razo Pizano and the other young man. Both were pronounced dead and the case was taken up by SPD Homicide Division detectives.

The SPD detectives ask that if anyone in the community has clues in the brutal homicide, they contact their office at 916.808.5471 or the non-profit organization Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at 916.443.4357. All tips will remain anonymous.

Giovanni Isidro Razo Pizano wanted to be a DJ since he was a child

dj gio
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

The murder of Giovanni Isidro Razo Pizano has caused deep pain in the Hispanic community. His mother spoke with ABC-10 in Sacramento, California, to describe her son. The woman asked that her name not be released.

At the age of 12, Giovanni Isidro Razo Pizano told his mother that he wanted to be a DJ and announced his stage name was DJ Gio. However, the boy did not have money to buy turntables, computers, mixer and speakers, so his mother lent him the money.

“I was very proud of my son”

dj gio
PHOTO: Special for MundoHispánico

“He started throwing house parties and when they paid him he would give me every penny back. He grew a lot in his trade. Local radio began calling him a ‘young freak’. I was very proud of my son,” recalled the grieving mother.

The boy’s mother said that she never hesitated to support her son’s goal to become DJ Gio. “I would never have told him no, that was his dream and he would do anything to make his dream come true. But I didn’t have to, he made it all happen by himself,» said the young man’s mother.

DJ Gio, a rising star in electronic music

DJ Gio, a young promise of electronic music
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

David Garibaldi is a Hispanic painter from Sacramento, California, who also spoke with ABC-10 about Giovanni Isidro Razo Pizano. Garibaldi says that he saw the boy grow up as DJ Gio, attracting large audiences to his shows.

Garibaldi recalled that “DJ Gio when he played he was in a completely different energy, he wasn’t just a DJ. He was a total entertainer of the audience. If you watch the videos of him, he wasn’t just behind the turntables. He was at the microphone talking to the audience, moving everyone.»

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