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Emma Coronel reappears on social media with the twins she had with ‘El Chapo’

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Emma Coronel reappears, Woman, Prison, MundoNow, News
Emma Coronel reappears (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Emma Coronel reappears on social media.
  • First reel published on Instagram.
  • Twins Emaly and María Joaquina

Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of drug trafficker Joaquín «El Chapo» Guzmán, continues to share her life in freedom through social media.

Revealing an intimate glimpse she had in 2023 after being released from prison in September of that same year.

In her most recent publication made on digital platforms, the former model appears with her daughters, Emaly and María Joaquina.

The little girls are the fruit of the love between Emma Coronel and the Mexican boss who led the Sinaloa Cartel before his arrest.

Emma Coronel and her first reel

Ex-model, Chapo, Social Networks, Controversy, Emma Coronel reappears on networks
Photo: Archive/Getty Images

With an audience of 27,300 followers on her official Instagram account called Emma Coronel 9 Official, she shared her first reel.

Even though it is a «photo dump» in which she presents endearing moments with his daughters on various occasions.

We can see them from Halloween to Christmas, and spending quality time together at Disneyland park after being away from her twins.

In this visual compendium of eight unpublished images, the former beauty queen shared the joy and family complicity.

An intimate look at the former model’s 2023

Drug trafficking, Instagram, Video, Trend, Joaquín Guzmán
Photo: Archive/Getty Images

Within the description of the video that Emma Coronel published on her social media, she placed a short text ensuring that they were the best moments she had.

«My photo dump of what my 2023 was. Loving time with my family…With wonderful plans for 2024,» the former model wrote.

The publication has already accumulated more than four thousand likes, although it is worth mentioning that the comments were limited.

Therefore, the reaction that Internet users had when seeing Emma Coronel’s new reel on social media is unknown.

Unforgettable family moments

Family, Crime, Prison, USA, Colorado
Photo: Archive/Getty Images

Images of the twins are carefully shielded, hiding their faces with blurring or heart-and-pumpkin emojis.

The variety of moments captured range from fun sessions at Disneyland to more intimate moments in Christmas outfits and Halloween ears.

In one of the photos, Coronel Aispuro hugs one of her daughters, covering her face with a heart emoji, but leaving the expression «I love you» visible.

The last image shows the twins wearing shirts from the amusement park, thus completing a year full of special memories.

From prison to a new beginning

Scandal, Figure, Entertainment, Freedom, Crime
Emma Coronel reappears on social media with her daughters-Photo: Getty Images

This post about the life of Emma Coronel comes after she shared an emotional memory at the beginning of 2024 about her release from prison in the US.

Through a story on social media, she documented the moment the electronic ankle tracker was removed.

It should be remembered that this day marked her departure from the halfway house in Long Beach, California, after serving a 31-month sentence for drug trafficking and money laundering.

The twins, Emaly and María Joaquina, have been in the spotlight since their birth under pseudonyms and surveillance.

The twins and their link with the world of drug trafficking

Personalities, Beauty queen, United States, California, MundoNOW
Photo: Archive/Getty Images

Although they maintain a discreet life, the twelve-year-old girls are known for the lavish birthday parties organized by their mother.

During the judicial process of «El Chapo», the twins were the only relatives authorized to visit the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel in the maximum security prison in Colorado.

The public dimension of their lives includes photos with his maternal grandmother, Consuelo Loera, and maintains ties to the world of crime through his maternal family.

Aispuro is the niece of Ignacio Coronel, a renowned sinaloense drug trafficker. Despite their lineage, the girls do not carry their father’s surname. HERE THE VIDEO.

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