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Dr. Polo confirms suspicions about her relationship with Chayanne

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FOTO: Getty Images
  • There are rumors about Chayanne and Dr. Polo’s relationship.
  • There is a strange connection between the lawyer and the singer.
  • Ana María Polo speaks out.

The Cuban-American lawyer and television presenter, recognized for creating and hosting the television program Caso Cerrado, has many ties with entertainment personalities. Dr. Polo shared the moment when she met Chayanne himself.

However, the reality is that they have had the opportunity to appear at more than one event together. And because of that, they hold each other in high esteem. Dr. Polo also has photographs with Camilo and Maluma, among others.

What about Dr. Polo and Chayanne?

What about the Doctor and Chayanne?
PHOTO: Instagram

Dr. Polo and Chayanne share a bond that very few know about and it has been maintained through the years. Well, the 54-year-old singer and the 63-year-old presenter have appeared together at different galas and events and they’ve not missed the opportunity to take pictures and have a good time.

In this way, the two celebrities have come to know each other quite well and have formed an unbreakable friendship, sustained by admiration and mutual respect. According to El Heraldo de Mexico, both met at the benefit show «Somos Una Voz», where the Puerto Rican singer performed. FILED UNDER: Dr. Polo Chayanne

‘Everyone’s dad’ is a great friend

The 'dad of all' is a great friend
PHOTO: Instagram

The program where they met was broadcast on Telemundo, so the television presenter was also there. Since then, Dr. Polo and Elmer Figueroa Arce have met again at other events, and have not hesitated to share photos of their emotional reunions on social media.

What’s more, the lawyer has gone to see Chayanne’s shows to sing each of his classics at the top of her lungs and even went backstage to congratulate him. But what really caused a scandal was a photograph that the lawyer shared on social media. FILED UNDER: Dr. Polo Chayanne

«Your great friend»

Dr Polo Chayanne: "Your great friend."
PHOTO: Instagram

“Since an article about my friendship with the nice @chayanne is circulating in the press, I take advantage and share this photo of when we met on the red carpet of the @latinbillboards” Ana María Polo wrote in the description of her Instagram post.

Apparently, the press had misunderstood the friendship between the two celebrities, but the creator of Caso Cerrado did not take long to come to her own defense and that of the boricua. The Cuban host is known for speaking out about things that affect her. FILED UNDER: Dr. Polo Chayanne

She’s congratulated for the photo

Dra Polo Chayanne: They congratulate her for the photo
PHOTO: Instagram

“Oh, I envy you, Doctor… with the handsome Chayanne,” was one of the comments that she received in a comical way when she was with the handsome singer. «I don’t know which of the two I love more.» «What a beautiful photo.» «Wonderful both.» «Beautiful Chayanne.» There is no doubt that they are all crazy about the singer.

There were some who called them “their parents”: “Ana María… I congratulate you for being next to that hottie.” “My father figure and my mother figure.” “Oh my god! My two favorite Latin loves in the same photos!!!” “Two powers greet each other.” FILED UNDER: Dr. Polo Chayanne

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