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NASA captures eerie images of the sun smiling (PHOTO)

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FOTO: Getty Images
  • NASA shared images of the sun smiling on social media.
  • Is there a scientific explanation?
  • The eerie photos came out just before Halloween.

A bizarre phenomenon shared by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on social media has begun to go viral around the world. We are talking about how, hours before Halloween, NASA captured eerie photos of a smiling sun.

The images that astronomers and other scientists take from outer space are amazing. But sometimes, in addition to astonishing us, they make us smile. This is the case of the photo NASA released of a new image of the sun.

Hours before Halloween, NASA captures eerie images of a smiling sun

At Halloween hours, NASA captures something macabre? in the sun
PHOTO: Infobae website capture

In the viral photograph, coronal holes can be seen forming eyes, nose  and a smiling mouth that make up a face. The spots that form the eyes, nose and mouth are holes that are formed due to solar winds that rush out into space, and are known as coronal holes, according to Infobae.

This photo was taken by the SDO satellite, which observes the dynamics of the sun to determine where its energy comes from in order to also be able to forecast the space weather as accurately as possible for the missions NASA carries out, or even the damaging power of solar storms on Earth.

The sun was smiling!

The sun was smiling!
PHOTO: Capture Twitter

The image, which was captured in ultraviolet light by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, soon went viral among Twitter users, who began to release funny memes with the spectacular photo taken just a few days before Halloween.

“Say cheese! Today, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory caught the sun «smiling.» Seen in ultraviolet light, these dark patches on the Sun are known as coronal holes and are regions where fast solar wind gushes out into space,» was the text that accompanied the incredible image posted by @NASASun.

A Halloween coincidence?

A Halloween coincidence?
PHOTO: Infobae website capture

Of course, the impressive photo has caused a real furor on social media. Some of the theories that have emerged around this image have to do with the fact it was posted just before Halloween.

For others, it is nothing more than a coincidence by the largest star in the solar system. Well, despite the fact that it is indeed strange or unusual, it is part of the amazing array of phenomena that the infinite universe gives us.

“Right on Halloween”

"right on halloween"
PHOTO: Capture Twitter

Finally, some Twitter users commented on NASA’s post showing smiling sun. «I love this photo of our beautiful sun.» «The sun must be seeing too much TikTok and now he didn’t miss the opportunity to be photographed in style.” “Right on Halloween.”

Some others took the image and made memes. A few hinted at the fact that the image of the smiling sun was like the little boy from the children’s program Teletubbies, and others even said that it was the character ‘Marshmallow Man’ from the movie Ghostbusters. Filed under: NASA captures smiling sun

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