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Details of Diego Verdaguer’s funeral revealed after his death from Covid-19

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  • The passing of Diego Verdaguer took everyone by surprise.
  • After the news of his death was announced, details Argentine singer’s funeral were revealed.
  • So far, Amanda Miguel has not made a public statement.

In the early hours of Friday, January 28, the news of Diego Verdaguer’s passing at the age of 70 was announced. He died from Covid. Shortly after, details of his funeral were revealed and so far, his widow Amanda Miguel, has not made a public statement.

According to information from Multimedia Laguna, yesterday’s broadcast of the Televisa program Hoy was led by Paul Stanley, Galilea Montijo, Raúl Araiza, Arath de la Torre and Tania Rincón. They shared the information about what will happen to the remains of the La Ladrona singer.

Where will Diego Verdaguer be buried?

Amanda Miguel has not given any statement publicly
instagram photo

According to reports from this morning show, it was revealed that the remains of Diego Verdaguer will be cremated in the US. He had been hospitalized there since last December after contracting Covid. He had lived in the US in recent years, although he frequently visited Mexico.

Not counting the statement she shared on social media, Amanda Miguel has not made any public statement so far. Neither have Diego’s two daughters, Ana Victoria and Ana Gimena. It has also not been reported whether any tribute will be paid to him.

Diego Verdaguer’s funeral will be private

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A statement shared by Diego Verdaguer’s family says: “Because of the deep pain that his departure has caused, his family has decided to say goodbye in private and spend this difficult moment in peace. Later, they will organize a public ceremony.” The singer died at his home in Los Angeles, California.

“I do believe that we come back, but obviously in another body. I do believe in that reality, deeply, moreover,» said the music producer in an interview he gave to renowned journalist Carlos Marín. He also mentioned that no one was known to have returned from the dead to share their experience.

The Argentine singer recorded a song with Juan Gabriel

The Argentine singer recorded a duet with Juan Gabriel
Photo Reforma Agency

Beloved and admired by many in the entertainment industry, whom he dazzled with his talent and his enormous heart, Diego Verdaguer was an artist who did a lot. He collaborated with colleagues like Joan Sebastian, Juan Gabriel and Marco Antonio Solís, among many others. He also had a close family bond with his eternal love, Amanda Miguel, and his daughter, Ana Victoria.

This is how he fulfilled many of his dreams. However, the naturalized Mexican Argentine ran out of time. At his death from Covid-19 at age 70, many of his projects were still unfinished. One of the most significant was the song El Sol Ya Salió, which he worked on with his friend «El Divo de Juárez» and whose release was cut short by the family of the Mexican icon.

«God knows why things happen»

"God knows why things happen"
Photo Reforma Agency

“Diego was very excited about this song coming out, which he composed together with Juan Gabriel, and the three of us had so much fun doing it, and with Amanda, who was also there, and in the end they didn’t let him. God knows why things happen, but it’s a shame. And it no longer matters if they give in or not because Diego longed for it.”

“He’s the one who was very excited about people listening to it. There was a misunderstanding saying that he wanted to take advantage of Juan Gabriel, but that was not the case and that caused him great sorrow. If it comes out now, great, but what’s the point,” shared the producer Gustavo Farías, who collaborated on several projects with Verdaguer, who was his friend for years. Filed as Details of Diego Verdaguer’s funeral revealed

Diego Verdaguer said goodbye to Amanda Miguel on social media

Diego Verdaguer said goodbye to Amanda Miguel on social networks
Photo Reforma Agency

Hours before his death, Diego Verdaguer said goodbye to Amanda Miguel with an emotional tweet: “I will never grow tired of dedicating it to you! You are and will be the thief who stole my heart @Amandamiguels”, referring to his international success La ladrona. The 65-year-old artist replied: «I will always love you.» The two enjoyed a fairytale marriage for almost 50 years.

Last year, the singer of Él me mintió shared numerous messages on Twitter in which she revealed her anti-vaccine positions. It was speculated that the cause of the artist’s death could have stemmed from complications due to the fact he was not vaccinated. However, a source close to the family said that Verdaguer had been vaccinated before contracting the virus last December.

“It really is a shame to have lost him”

Photo Reforma Agency

Nominated for a Latin Grammy, Diego Verdaguer sold more than 20 million records, and attained 20 Gold Records. He always worked hand in hand with his wife, for whom he produced songs on many occasions and with whom he formed his record label, Diam Music. He has left a legacy that will remain in his family.

“It really is a shame to have lost him. He always had a very good disposition, good sense of humor. He laughed all the time, made you feel good, cheered you on. He was a very good friend and artist. It’s really sad to have lost him. Diego taught me to take care of details, he was a person who paid a lot of attention to production, he was a perfectionist, and the reality is that his affection for detail always made the difference, and I learned that from the first time we worked together, in 1996”, stressed Gustavo Farías.

What few knew about Diego…

What few knew about Diego...
Photo Reforma Agency

Diego Verdaguer had a daughter Ana Victoria with his eternal love Amanda Miguel. Volveré was his first big hit, from the self-titled 1976 album and which was a cover of an Italian piece, Tornero. He sold five million copies at that time and had Hugo López as manager, later promoter of Luis Miguel.

Already known in Latin America, he released La ladrona, one of his emblematic songs, in 1981. He went on to sing it throughout the continent, including the United States, as well as Spain, Italy and Japan. Between the 1980s and the end of the 1990s, he was considered one of the most successful male soloists in Latin America, along with stars such as Sandro de América, Camilo Sesto, Emmanuel, Roberto Carlos and Franco (With information from Agencia Reforma). Filed as Details of Diego Verdaguer’s funeral revealed

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