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Chronicle: Girl abused over 2-year period while visiting relatives

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  • Girl abused by relative over two-year period.
  • The alleged perpetrator is on the run.
  • When the child saw her abuser as a teenager, she reported him.

By now most children in the US are out of school for the summer and many parents send their kids to spend time with family during this time. If you intend to do this, you better think carefully, after a very sad case that has just come to light.

A Hispanic mother living in Texas, whom we will call Ana Lucía to protect her identity, recently found out that her daughter was sexually abused by a close relative. And not just once, but several times, over a two-year period when she visited them for a month in the summer.

Luis Sánchez forced himself upon her

Chronicle abused vacation girl: He did everything he wanted
PHOTO: City of Pasadena Police Department

According to the Pasadena Police Department, the abuse occurred in an apartment located on Witter Street. Everything indicates that Luis Sánchez, 26, took advantage of the young girl every time he was alone with her when the other relatives were out running errands.

He approached the girl and forced her to perform indecent acts, which she, due to her young age, did not understand and neither wanted nor liked. Despite this, he pressured her to please him. Then, the evil man threatened her so that she wouldn’t tell anyone what had happened. Filed Under: Chronicle abuse girl vacation.

The victim’s mother cries out for his arrest

The victim's mother cries out for his arrest.
PHOTO: Shutterstock Reference

The authorities allege that the abuse occurred in 2012 when Ana Lucía’s daughter was a little girl. Her mother had never understood why her daughter never wanted to go to spend her vacations with her relatives, until just last week. Finally, as a teenager, she told her mother what had happened.

By chance, Luis came to Ana Lucía’s house and when he made eye contact with the the girl, she was very scared. She finally told her mother everything in great detail, something she hadn’t had the courage to do before. Without hesitating for a single moment, the woman called the police to report him. Filed Under: Chronicle abuse girl vacation.

Reward for his capture

Chronicle abuse girl vacation: Reward for her capture
PHOTO: City of Pasadena Police Department

After questioning the teenager, investigators determined that they had sufficient probable cause to arrest Luis Sánchez and issued an arrest warrant for him on charges of sexual assault against a child. They went looking for him everywhere but found no trace of him.

It seems that he knew that he would be reported when he saw the child’s reaction and fled. Today the police are on his trail and whoever helps them locate and arrest him, could receive a reward of up to $5,000. The suspect is about 5’4, weighs about 140 pounds, has brown hair and brown eyes.

“Please catch him as soon as possible”

“Please deliver it as soon as possible”

In an interview with ABC 13the mother of the abused little girl implored the community and especially those close to Luis to reveal his whereabouts and to stop protecting him, so that her daughter’s abuse won’t go unpunished and, even worse, so that he can’t do this to another child.

“She had so many issues in school and that’s when she opened up to us and told us what happened when she was younger and everything came out. I want to make sure he’s not out there doing this to somebody else, changing another innocent child’s life. If anybody sees him, speak up. Don’t stay silent,» the distraught woman told ABC 13. Sad story. Thanks for reading my story today on Mundo Hispánico Until next time. Filed Under: Chronicle abuse girl vacation.

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