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Chiquis Rivera dazzles with leather pants but they make fun of her (VIDEO)

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  • She appears dancing sensually in leather pants.
  • Followers don’t waste an opportunity to criticize Chiquis.
  • They compare her to her mother Jenni Rivera.

Chiquis Rivera appears dancing sensually in fitted black leather pants and looking spectacular, but followers of the ‘Suelta la sopa’ program were not kind to Jenni Rivera’s daughter and criticized her as well as compared her with her mother, the Great Diva de la Banda, what do you think?

Chiquis Rivera has been one of the most controversial artists in recent months, and since her high-profile divorce from her former partner, singer Lorenzo Méndez, she has been heavily criticized and insulted through social networks, where her followers don’t waste an opportunity to make negative comments about her.

In fitted black leather pants, Chiquis Rivera hits

In fitted black leather pants, Chiquis Rivera hits
VIDEO: Instagram

Through the Instagram account of the program ‘Suelta la sopa’ a video was published in which Chiquis Rivera made an impact with a daring outfit and appeared sensually dancing one of the classics of the band ‘Los Ángeles Azules’, while wearing scandalous trousers of black leather, which marks its rear turning.

In the video, which already has more than 21 thousand likes, it is possible to see Janney enjoying a party, while she appeared with a completely black outfit, the blouse was a bit loose, however her pants were made of leather, Black and fitted, which highlighted even more her legs and her big and shapely rear, which she showed off with sensual dances to the rhythm of the song ‘El ribbon de tu pelo’.

Video of Chiquis Rivera appears doing sensual dance with black leather pants

Video of Chiquis Rivera appears doing sensual dance with black leather pants
VIDEO: Instagram

At the bottom of the video, which was shared on October 24, the account of the show program of the Telemundo network, highlighted the sensual steps that Chiquis Rivera was doing during this short clip, while enjoying a classic of the parties ; «Chiquis wasting sensuality with hot movements», could be read after the short video.

This publication unleashed countless comments about it, where the followers and non-followers of the program did not hesitate to leave their comment about it, and without thinking they began to fill with criticism and comparisons to the video of Chiquis Rivera in fitted black leather pants , stating that Janney really didn’t look good at all.

They do not hesitate to compare Chiquis Rivera with her mother Jenni; «She didn’t have that heavy blood»

They do not hesitate to compare Chiquis Rivera with her mother Jenni; "She didn't have such heavy blood"
VIDEO: Instagram

Various comments began to reach Chiquis Rivera in fitted black leather pants, although unfortunately they were not good at all: «And the lemon water would surely put sugar in it hahaha», «I saw those sturdy heels hahahaha», «They weigh a lot on her las nachas «,» What happened to Photoshop? Here it looks nothing like the photos that go up on your page hahaha ”.

Other followers began to compare her with her mother, the late singer of band music Jenni Rivera: “Ijole, what it is to have heavy blood, nothing to do with your mother, is that I am not talking about the physical, if not the vibe, the energy he has ”, to which a user responds:“ Totally agree, the mother had a very nice vibe ”,“ The best comment, and how right, it is very heavy ”.

Did what you did elicit more negative comments?

"Ay Chiquis, every day more ridiculous"; Followers go with everything to the singer in her video in fitted black leather pants. Chiquis black leather pants
VIDEO: Instagram

Unfortunately, the comments did not end there, since more comments began to reach the video of Chiquis Rivera in fitted black leather pants, where followers had no shame in attacking her: “Does this girl have no talent? Serious question, or is she just Jenni Rivera’s daughter? ”Asked a follower.

«Ay Chiquis, every day more ridiculous, learn your sister Jacqie, who without making noise sings better than you, and does not have to be a clown as you understand», «A moment of silence in respect to those heels, they are all one heroes«,» Hahaha, that’s why he stayed, from which you saved Lorenzo Méndez hahaha «,» Excess of wrong self-esteem hahaha. «

Other users assure that the singer is beautiful and cross out the bad comments

Other users assure that the singer is beautiful and cross out the bad comments. Chiquis black leather pants
PHOTO: Instagram

It should be noted that not all of them were bad comments for Jenni Rivera’s daughter, since some could be on her side and affirmed that she looked very beautiful in that video: “How beautiful my Chiquis looks”, “Look how many criticisms, my God , no one is perfect, we are all beautiful, how much inhumanity there is in this world, Chiquis is beautiful and that’s it «, commented several in Janney’s video in fitted black leather pants.

Despite these countless criticisms, Chiquis Rivera has always been very sure of herself, stating that she loves herself very much and that she really did not care much what they said about her, much less the constant comments she receives through networks , since she only focuses on the positive and her music. VIDEO OF CHIQUIS RIVERA HERE

The raincoat is open! Chiquis Rivera shows off her body in the sexiest garment

PHOTO: Instagram

On another occasion and before she hit with black leather pants, Chiquis Rivera surprised a few days ago on social networks by posting hot and daring photos of her showing off her contoured legs in transparent stockings, which were accompanied with a luxurious car of bottom.

And it is that as mentioned before, Janney does not seem to care in the least what they usually say about her, since lately she has been seen more and more stunning and revealing than ever, showing her body very high despite the attacks that he usually receives from several users who do not hesitate to raise comments regarding his figure and weight.

Without shyness! Chiquis boasts legs in transparent stockings and on top of a car

PHOTO: Instagram

However, this does not seem to matter in the least, since Jenni’s daughter once again impacts her more than four million followers on Instagram with fiery and revealing photos, appearing in transparent stockings while showing off her slender and curvy legs. .

Through his official account, Chiquis Rivera shared a series of photographs, where he appeared with a revealing black body set glued to his body, which was accompanied by a huge coat with a military design and long black high-heeled boots, looking even more imposing.

Nasty girl ?; Janney shows off her body under a sexy raincoat

PHOTO: Instagram

But what most caught the attention of these fiery photographs, which were published on October 21, were the transparent stockings that Chiquis Rivera boasted, which exposed her legs and her curvy body. All of these photos used a luxury car in the background, but there was also video.

At the bottom of these images, which already have more than 125 thousand likes, Jenni Rivera’s daughter wrote the following message: “On repeat: Nasty Girl- Notorious B.IG. Are you also from the 90s? Send me back to Thursday in Miami at my friend’s Rolss Royce, ”said the 36-year-old singer.

The raincoat is opened to show ‘what God gave him’

PHOTO: Instagram

Of course, these were not the only publications that Chiquis Rivera made showing off her legs in fitted transparent stockings, since Jenni Rivera’s daughter did not miss the opportunity to now upload a video, which already has more than 58 thousand likes and endless reproductions.

In this video, it is seen how Chiquis showed off the luxurious white car, while she got out of it and began to model the outfit and the transparent stockings that she was wearing, while taking her long ponytail and the flashes began to flood the video , alluding to the photographs of some paparazzi and reporters.

Comments are divided into Janney’s photographs and not all were good

Chiquis black leather pants
VIDEO: Instagram

«You are fire mommy», «I love you beautiful», «Queen of my heart», «How cool», «You are the most beautiful», «I live in love with you», «What a woman, God», «You are beautiful», «We love you», «I live fully in love with you», «Without fear of beautiful success», were one of the many comments that could be read in the publications of Chiquis Rivera.

On the other hand, the Instagram account of «Suelta la sopa» also shared this video, where followers did not miss the opportunity to leave a comment about it, and not very positive: «That woman does not even give her feet mother, she was a great lady and warrior «,» The lady is stupid in seeking acceptance from people who do not accept her, she has to attract attention and says that she does not care about the opinion they have of her HAHA «. Some images in this note come from the following video.

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