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Rosie Rivera confesses unexpected secret of her sister Jenni Rivera

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  • Rosie Rivera confesses something no one expected.
  • The businesswoman reveals unexpected secret of her sister Jenni Rivera.
  • «Rosie, you’re not at Jenni’s level and her fans don’t like you», expressed some users.

«They say I look like my sister.» Like this, businesswoman Rosie Rivera, who is still in charge of her sister’s companies, and who recently underwent an audit requested by the children of La Diva de la Banda, especially by Johnny, started a video where she confessed an unexpected secret of Jenni Rivera.

Through her official Youtube channel, where she has almost 100,000 subscribers, the youngest daughter of Lady Rosa and Don Pedro Rivera shared a video that none of her followers expected and caused reactions of all kinds, although a follower assured that «she’s not at the same level» as the singer.

Rosie Rivera assures that they confused her with her sister Jenni Rivera

Rosie Rivera assures that they confused her with her sister Jenni Rivera
YouTube photo

«When we were born (Jenni and she) we were very different, but we became so similar that one day they confused me with her and there was a great lesson for both of us at that time,» said Rosie Rivera, who recalled that when she was 18 she went on a trip to Oxnard, in the state of California, without imagining what would happen.

“Jenni told me that I started to look like her and I didn’t believe it. For me, and it continues to be so, Jenni is beautiful and I don’t see myself like that, but I saw her so beautiful, so strong, so many things, her smile, her eyes, her way of being, her skin, everything, that I don’t I thought I looked like her, but at 13, something changed in me. «

The businesswoman confesses that «she has never had surgery on her face», will it be?

The businesswoman confesses that "you have never had surgery on your face", will be?
YouTube photo

Before continuing with her story, Rosie Rivera commented that she has never had surgery on her face, although on one occasion she underwent a procedure to have one of her eyelids raised, which happened when her sister Jenni Rivera had already died. , but there is still more to tell.

“Before leaving, we started to look like a lot and it is very strange, because as children we did not look alike. In the photos, we are very different: I was güerita and she was a redhead, and when I turned 18, Jenni called me, that was common, we talked to each other all the time, we talked more than anything, but she called me… ”.

Did Jenni catch your eye on your sister Rosie Rivera?

Did Jenni catch your eye on your sister Rosie Rivera?
YouTube photo

On that trip she made to Oxnard, California, Rosie Rivera received a wake-up call from La Diva de la Banda, who learned that she had gone for the weekend to enjoy a party in that city, in addition to taking the opportunity to ask him with whom he had traveled, to which the businesswoman replied that with some friends.

«Some fans told me,» said Rosie, who Jenni told her, «‘there were some fans at the party and they told me why didn’t I say hello’, I imagine Jenni knew these fans, but she told me I didn’t say hello and I didn’t smile at them and they didn’t understand why I behaved like this ”. Simply put, fans mistook Rosie for her sister.

Rosie Rivera is described as shy, introverted and serious

Rosie Rivera is described as shy, introverted and serious
YouTube photo

Surprised by this claim from her sister Jenni Rivera, the businesswoman confessed that at that time she was shy, introverted and serious, so she believes that for that reason she did not greet or smile at the fans who confused her with La Diva de the Band, not to mention that at that party he was more serious than usual.

“I am not a super friend, I am not very sociable and I am not going to greet everyone and to date I am like that. I greet, if I meet someone it is with respect, but it is not like if I meet someone new I will say hello and that time I did not say hello, I went to the party, I was with my friends and then I came, «said Rosie Rivera.

What was it that angered La Diva de la Banda?

What was it that angered La Diva de la Banda?
YouTube photo

The businesswoman, who just a few months ago shared her decision to no longer stay at Jenni Rivera Enterprises, commented that her sister loved her fans and taught her to do the same: “She told me: ‘from now on, when I grow as an artist, you also grow in your way of greeting, of being friendlier ‘”.

On that same occasion, the singer told her sister that she knew she was not ‘believed’, but many people thought otherwise, precisely because of her shyness, which confused more than one: “I thank Jenni for giving me those lessons, but I learned that I had to be ‘extra friendly’ and that I had a responsibility not only for being Jenni’s sister, but for looking like her. «

Some people keep mistaking Rosie for Jenni Rivera and call her by her name

Some people keep confiding Rosie with Jenni Rivera and call her by her name
YouTube photo

Despite the fact that she herself knows that nowadays she does not look so much like her deceased sister, Rosie Rivera confessed that several people still confuse her with her, even calling her by name: “But I did learn to treat people as Better than I could and I went over, as soon as I didn’t want to take a picture, I took a picture of myself, allowing them to do and say what they wanted to remember that conversation with my sister ”.

“But sometimes fans also spend time in the comments, in judging, in mistreating, and I had to find, since Jenni left, a balance of loving people, not only for being Jenni’s fans, but for loving them. for being God’s creation, God’s children, and loving others as God commands me ”.

«I love you because you love my sister,» says Rosie Rivera to Jenni Rivera’s fans.

"I love you because you love my sister", Rosie Rivera tells Jenni Rivera fans
YouTube photo

About to finish with this revelation, the businesswoman also said that she loves her sister’s fans because they love her, in addition to describing them as «the love of Jenni’s life», a title that would correspond to Fernie, El Pelón, who was her true love: “She also loved her partners very much, but the love of Jenni’s life is you (referring to the fans)”,

“I learned to appreciate that, but now I have also seen that there are limits, that not all the time I have to say yes, that sometimes I can say no, respectfully, and it is not being rude, it is simply saying no, that I can, and yes, sometimes I have to say no if they are crossing my limits ”.

«I want to honor what my sister wanted,» says Rosie Rivera, will she achieve it?

"I want to honor what my sister wanted"says Rosie Rivera, will he make it?
YouTube photo

In another part of this revealing video, the businesswoman confessed that she wants to honor what Jenni Rivera wanted in life: “And I am very happy that I look like her and I want to love them (the singer’s fans) and love them as God’s creation, but I would also like them to see me as God’s creation, not as an object, not as the sister of… ”.

Rosie Rivera, who does not consider herself an ‘artist’, expressed that her talent is preaching and that she would like everyone to respect each other, not only she and her sister’s fans, but also all of humanity as God’s creation: “Jenni He gave that lesson and I received it and said: ‘I’m going to say hello, I’m going to smile at strangers, even if I don’t know them.

Most of the offenses that the businesswoman has received come from fans of Jenni Rivera

Most of the offenses that the businesswoman has received come from fans of Jenni Rivera
YouTube photo

With a hint of sadness, Jenni Rivera’s sister acknowledged that most of the offenses she has received come from the singer’s fans, which is why it is very difficult for her to follow the lesson she left her to the letter. The Diva of the Band. But, in addition to her, her husband has received these attacks.

“Where the majority of judging, speaking without knowing, commenting in ignorance, comes from there, from the group of people that I want to love, that I want to give them affection, in my own way, because I am not Jenni and I do not want to be Jenni, I am Rosie, and I don’t have to be outgoing and I don’t have to be sociable, ”said Rosie Rivera.

«Yes, I have failed»

"Yes i have failed"
YouTube photo

Finally, the businesswoman acknowledged that she has failed in her mission because at times she has been in a bad mood and has not wanted to do certain things, but most of the time she agrees to do it, for example, to take a photo: “Most of sometimes people are the best, so kind, so sweet, so enthusiastic ”.

“But, in networks, for being Jenni’s sister, they treat me worse. What if I treat you as God’s creation, that you love Jenni and you treat me as God’s creation, that I love Jenni and we have that in common? Search in common what you have with people instead of looking for areas of difference «, he concluded (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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