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María Elena Salinas and other celebrities mourning the death of Susana Dosamantes

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  • María Elena Salinas and other celebrities in mourning after the death of Susana Dosamantes.
  • Through social networks they dedicated messages of support to the actress’s family.
  • “You will be missed here, you left an indelible mark,” said María Elena.

After announcing the death of the actress Susana Dosamantes, various celebrities have not hesitated to express their feelings about the loss and send their messages of support to Paulina and Enrique. Through social networks, some stars shared their memories and experiences alongside Dosamantes, saying goodbye with affection.

The death of the actress was announced last Saturday, July 2. According to the information shared by her family, they revealed that she died of pancreatic cancer that had afflicted her in recent months and caused her death. Susana Dosamantes, was surrounded by her children, grandchildren and her husband, until the last days of her life.


Photo: Instagram

Susana Dosamantes was one of the most beloved women in the world of entertainment. When she died various personalities did not hesitate to send their messages of support to the family and express the eternal love that they will keep for all the special moments.

Through social networks, they expressed their feelings at the loss of the actress. Among the celebrities who sent her condolences, is the journalist María Elena Salinas, the actress Ana Martín, Marlene Favela, Tatiana, among others. Similarly, several people in the world of entertainment sent their condolences with a photo they shared with Paulina Rubio.

“You left an indelible mark”

"You left an indelible mark"
Photo: Instagram

From the first moment the death of actress María Elena Salinas was reported, she sent her condolences to the family and later published an image of Susana Dosamantes on her Instagram profile. The journalist declared that they would miss the actress and above all, that she left a great indelible mark as her legacy.

“Dear Susana, how lucky the angels are to have you among them. You will be missed here, you left an indelible mark, an example of total dedication to your family. Thank you for always being so kind to me. RIP ”, wrote María Elena Salinas in the description of the image that she shared with her followers.

“One day we will be together”

"someday we will be together"
Photo: Instagram

The actress Ana Martín declared that her soulmate had left her and that she hopes that at some point they can be together again. Both actresses were working together in the telenovela “To die to live”, where a friendship arose that lasted until the end of Dosamantes’ life.

“Soul friend, we will be together one day, I know you are going to make a more beautiful sky up there with the heart you have,” said the actress Ana Martín. Within a few minutes, she began to receive messages of support from her followers, who sent her condolences and expressed their affection for both actresses.

“I am with you in your pain”

"I am with you in your pain"
Photo: Instagram

The singer Tatiana did not hesitate to express pain at the loss of Susana Dosamantes and sent a special message to Paulina Rubio, daughter of the actress. In the message, she declared that she accompanied the singer and her brother, Enrique, in her pain. With an image of Paulina hugging her mother, Tatiana offered her love to the family.

“My dear Pau: I am with you in your pain, what a great loss, I hope you and your brother find tranquility and peace… Rest in peace, your mom actress Susana Dosamantes. Strength for Enrique and for you. ”, Wrote the singer Tatiana through her Instagram profile. Filed Under: Celebrities in mourning Susana Dosamantes

“The void you leave is enormous”

Famous mourners Susana Dosamantes: "The void you leave is huge"
Photo: Instagram

Actor Pablo Azar sent a nostalgic message upon learning of the death of Susana Dosamantes. Azar stated that it was some of the saddest news he had ever received and announced that she had become a great friend during the time they had been working together.

“I just got on social media and I find this news so sad. Susana Dosamantes, not only my mother in the novelas, but a great friend and a person who never hesitated to show me her love, respect and admiration for her, today she has gone to rest. The void you leave is great my dear Susana, there are many of us who loved you, admirable and respected you, “said Pablo Azar. Filed Under: Celebrities in mourning Susana Dosamantes

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