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Boy dies in hot car parked at mom’s work

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  • One-year-old boy found dead in his mother’s car.
  • The car was parked at a Walgreens pharmacy.
  • Authorities said the boy’s mother works there.

More children have died after being left in hot cars in recent weeks. The heat wave that has hit the United States has contributed to this situation, due to the high temperatures that don’t spare anyone.

Unfortunately, the carelessness of several parents has resulted in serious consequences for their children. In recent days much has been said about the powerful heat that has covered a large part of the country and this has caused a number of fatalities.

His mother worked at the Walgreens

Walgreens car boy dies: It was the mother's workplace

It is worth mentioning that the incident occurred in the parking lot of the child’s mother’s workplace. After receiving an emergency call, the authorities arrived at the Walgreens, where they found a dead one-year-old baby inside of a car

Officers said they were called around 1:30 p.m. to the parking lot of the Walgreens Pharmacy located at 380 General Daniel Ave N., where authorities said the boy’s mother works. Investigators have not determined how long the boy was in the car. Filed Under: Walgreens Wagon Boy Dies

They have not revealed the child’s identity

They have not revealed the identity of the minor
Police have not provided more information regarding the investigation. They only stated that the child no longer had vital signs by the time the police arrived at the Walgreens Pharmacy. It is estimated that the child could have been in the car for hours.

On Thursday, forecasters announced outside temperatures in Danielsville would be just above 90 degrees. So far, the identity of the child and the mother have not been revealed as the scene is still very active. Filed Under: Walgreens Wagon Boy Dies

Heat stroke

heat stroke

Someone suffering from heat exhaustion, the least serious of the heat-related medical conditions, may experience: heavy sweating, weakness, cold, pale, moist skin, in addition to possible fainting and vomiting. It is advisable to stay well hydrated, according to Fox Atlanta.

It is worth mentioning that heat stroke, which occurs when the internal body temperature reaches 106 degrees, is more serious and has serious symptoms: hot and dry skin, fast and strong pulse, possible unconsciousness, fainting, and other symptoms of illness. Filed Under: Walgreens Wagon Boy Dies
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