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Former President Barack Obama mourns the death of NBA star Bill Russell

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  • Former President Barack Obama is in mourning.
  • NBA star Bill Russell dies.
  • “Today we lost a giant.”

Barack Obama in mourning. The world of sports received some bad news. due to the death of the NBA star, Bill Russell, who passed away at the age of 88. The news was released on Sunday, July 31 by his relatives on social media.

So far the cause of his death has not been revealed. Meanwhile several celebrities have spoken out on social media to say goodbye to a Boston Celtic legend. Among them, the former president of the United States Barack Obama, stands out according to the New York Post.

Barack Obama grieves the death of an NBA legend

Barack Obama dresses in mourning for death of NBA legend
WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 15: Former Boston Celtics captain Bill Russell (R) shares a moment with US President Barack Obama during the 2010 Medal of Freedom presentation ceremony at the East Room of the White House February 15, 2011 in Washington, DC. Obama presented the medal, the highest honor awarded to civilians, to twelve pioneers in sports, labor, politics and arts. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The former president shared a message on Twitter recognizing the outstanding work of former basketball star Bill Russell. Obama remembered some of the great moments of Russell’s sports career.

It should be remembered that Russell was a member of the Hall of Fame, five times Most Valuable Player and 12 times selected for the All-Star Game. In 1980 Russell was proclaimed the best player in NBA history by a vote of basketball reporters.

“Today we lost a giant”

Barack Obama in mourning: "Today we lost a giant"

On Twitter, Barack Obama, who awarded the Medal of Freedom to Bill Russell, stated how great he was: “Today we lost a giant. As tall as Bill Russell stood, his legacy rises far higher, both as a player and as a person.”

“Perhaps more than anyone else, Bill knew what it took to win and what it took to lead. On the court, he was the greatest champion in basketball history. Off of it, he was a civil rights trailblazer—marching with Dr. King and standing with Muhammad Ali,” he added.

Michael Jordan reacts

Michael Jordan reacts

Similarly, Obama wrote how he learned a few things about his style of play: “For decades, Bill endured insults and vandalism, but never let it stop him from speaking up for what’s right. I learned so much from the way he played, the way he coached and the way he lived his life,” concluded the former US president.

Another NBA legend, Michael Jordan spoke out after the news: “Bill Russell was a pioneer — as a player, as a champion, as the NBA’s first black head coach and as an activist. He paved the way and set an example for every black player who came into the league after him, including me. The world has lost a legend. My condolences to his family and may he rest in peace,” Jordan said in a statement. Filed Under: Barack Obama in mourning

“I admired him on and off the pitch”

"I admired him on and off the field"

Several basketball figures were shocked to hear the sad news of Bill Russell’s death and remembered his accomplishments as an athlete. In addition to Jordan, another legend of Basketball shared a farewell on Twitter.

“Bill Russell was my idol. I looked up to him on and off the court. His success on the court was undeniable; he was [dominant] and great, winning 11 NBA championships. Off the court, Bill Russell paved the way for guys like me,” Magic Johnson wrote on Twitter. Filed Under: Barack Obama in mourning

“Rest in peace Bill Russel”

"Rest in peace Bill Russel"

According to the Post, Detroit Pistons star, Isiah Thomas also tweeted some parting words for Bill: “Rest in peace Bill Russell. you were everything we all aspired to be, your winning spirit will live forever my friend. Thank you for your words of wisdom.”

The Celtics, with whom he spent his entire playing career and became the first black head coach in North America, released a statement that said: “Bill was a champion like no other in the history of team sports: 11 times NBA champion, including winning eight straight titles, five-time MVP, Olympic gold medalist, and the NBA’s first black head coach.” Filed Under: Barack Obama in mourning

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