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Referee beaten to death by players and fans during a match in El Salvador

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  • Referee is killed by footballers and fans during a match.
  • The tragedy occurred in El Salvador.
  • He whistled and people attacked him.

Referee José Arnoldo Amaya was killed by soccer players and fans while whistling at a match in El Salvador. This information was confirmed by the Salvadoran Football Federation, through a statement in which it denounced the incident and sent condolences to the victim’s family, according to the Record.

The violence took over a soccer match and ended in tragedy for the referee and his family. An angry mob, that included some players, killed the man. It’s similar to what happened a few months ago in Mexico, when fans got into a melee in the Querétaro stadium.


Referee killed amateur footballers
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However, although thousands of people participated in the fight in Mexico, there were only a few dozen wounded. And despite the fact that it was initially reported that some people were killed, in the end that was not the case. However, in El Salvador the referee was killed, a situation that greatly worries the soccer authorities of that Central American country.

Today soccer in America is in mourning, safety could not be maintained, and a man who was only doing his job lost his life. It’s a job that is often questioned by teams, fans and journalists, but it should never cost anyone their life.


Joseph Arnold Amaya
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The soccer authorities of that country explained that it started with a brawl involving players from both teams. Some fans also intervened, so there were blows coming from all sides and it ultimately ended in tragedy.

It was reported that the referee was severely injured in the fight and, although he was taken to the Zacamil Hospital, due to the severity of his injuries, he did not survive. Doctors said that he died from internal bleeding, so nothing more could have been done to save him. Filed Under: Referee killed amateur footballers


Referee killed amateur footballers

In the face of this incident, the Salvadoran Football Federation issued a statement saying: «The Salvadoran Football Federation condemns, regrets and rejects the physical aggression with a fatal outcome for referee José Arnoldo Amaya, by pseudo fans and players during a match that he directed at the Toluca stadium in San Salvador.”

And the Federation added, regarding the unfortunate incident in which the man who was directing a simple soccer game lost his life: “As a Federation we repudiate all the acts of violence that are taking place in different sports venues in the country. The Executive Committee of the FESFUT joins the pain that seizes his appreciated family.»


Joseph Arnold Amaya
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At the end of the statement, the soccer authorities condemned the incident and especially the participation of the fans in the death of the referee who had 20 years of experience and had worked in Colonial, Collegiate and Amateur League tournaments. The news has shocked not just El Salvador, but the world.

In May, violence and tear gas marred the Greek Cup final in which Panathinaikos scored a first-half penalty to beat PAOK 1-0. Aitor Cantalapiedra, who scored the penalty, was allegedly hit in the hand by a piece of cement thrown at him from the stands.

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