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Confirmed armed attack on corrido singer ‘Padrinito Toys’ in Mexico

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Singer Padrinito Toys is attacked (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Armed attack in Culiacán causes alarm.
  • Singer Padrinito Toys and father injured.
  • Assailants escape despite operation.

The alarms were sounded last Tuesday in the city of Culiacán in Sinaloa, Mexico, after an armed attack took place.

Local authorities quickly responded to the emergency call that placed them in the southern sector of the locality.

Now, it has been revealed that among the victims of the attack is a famous Mexican singer who rose to stardom for his viral songs.

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Armed attack on singer

Armed attack on Padrinito Toys, Mexico, Culiacán, Sinaloa, Singer
Ataque armado a Padrinito Toys FOTO Shutterstock

On Tuesday, March 19th, the city of Culiacán was rocked by a violent armed attack in the southern sector, specifically in Barrancos.

It was in this attack where César N., 48, father of the renowned singer Padrinito Toys, and his son Samuel N., 17, were targeted by gunmen who opened fire on their vehicle.

The incident took place at the intersection of Benjamin Hill and Pablo Macías boulevards, resulting in the immobilization of the car.

Reportedly, César, Samuel, and another individual identified as Arnoldo N., 30, were traveling in the vehicle.

Authorities respond to armed attack

Armed attack, Padrinito Toys, Mexico, Culiacán, Sinaloa,
Ataque armado a Padrinito Toys FOTO Shutterstock

The vehicle, a 2024 model, was left stranded with multiple bullet impacts on the main avenue of the area.

The report of the attack was made minutes before 6:00 p.m., leading to a swift response from local authorities, including the mobilization of state police to the crime scene.

César I, 45, father of Padrinito Toys, suffered injuries during the shootout, including a gunshot wound to his right arm and shrapnel wounds in other parts of his body.

According to information provided by the Public Security Secretary, the motive for the attack occurred when armed individuals fired at the Volkswagen Tiguan truck in which the family was traveling.

Confirmed injured after shooting

Armed attack, Padrinito Toys, Mexico, Culiacán, Sinaloa,
FOTO Shutterstock

Fortunately, the injuries sustained by César N. were not fatal, and after receiving medical attention, he was reported to be in stable condition.

The victim’s son, Samuel Ibarra Aispuro, known artistically as Padrinito Toys, is a 17-year-old singer and influencer.

The young man has managed to achieve fame in Mexico and abroad thanks to his various musical successes that have gone viral through social media.

Although initially it was mentioned that a minor had been injured, this version could not be confirmed by the authorities, as reported by ‘Infobae’.

Unsuccessful operation after attack

Police, Mexico, Shooting, Singer, MundoNOW
FOTO Captura X

The attack unfolded near the sports area of the Ferrocarrilera neighborhood, triggering a chase that ended on Benjamín Hill Avenue.

There, the family’s truck was left with multiple bullet impacts on the body and windows, as reported by the aforementioned media outlet.

The scene saw the presence of paramedics from the Mexican Red Cross and a significant deployment of security forces.

However, despite the presence of authorities, the assailants managed to escape and were not captured in the operation conducted in the area.

Investigation in progress after incident

The singer Padrinito Toys is recognized for his viral hits such as ‘Los collares’, ‘Aquí andaré’, ‘Fresita en el Insta’, ‘La Vida Loca’, and ‘Al Cesar lo que es del Cesar’, among others.

According to ‘Infobae‘, he is currently accompanying his father in the hospital during his recovery after the armed attack.

Meanwhile, authorities continue to investigate the details and possible motivations behind this violent armed attack in Culiacán.

Images showing the vehicle in which they were traveling at the time of the incident have begun circulating on social media.

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