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Acknowledge that he hit her! Pedro Rivera Jr confesses the physical violence towards his wife Ramona (PHOTOS)

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FOTO: Mezcalent.
  • Ramona is the name of Pedro Rivera Jr.’s wife.
  • She has been married for more than 33 years to the also pastor.
  • Jenni Rivera’s brother confesses the time he hit her.

After more than 33 years of marriage, Ramona, the wife of one of Jenni Rivera’s older brothers, Pedro Rivera Jr, has kept quite a distance from public view and the little that is known about her is thanks to her husband, who constantly uploads several of his experiences in social networks.

And it is that Ramona, wife of Pedro Rivera Jr, has managed to win the hearts and respect of the entire Rivera family, however, as in all marriages, the ups and downs are present.

Such was the case when on one occasion the brother Jenni Rivera’s elder would confess that he hit his wife, seizing her with a deep sense of disappointment and regret.

wife Pedro Rivera Jr

PHOTO: Instagram. Pedro Rivera Jr

The fact is told by Pedro Rivera Jr himself on his social networks, where he says that approximately 28 years ago he kicked her that made her fall from the bed where she was.

The unfortunate event occurred after the two were arguing a lot strong, and he subsequently kicked him, making him feel extremely sorry and sorry.

At the bottom of the video, Pedro Rivera Jr, Jenni Rivera’s brother wrote the following:

PHOTO: Instagram. Pedro Rivera Jr

“I want to confess: I hit my wife and it is difficult to bear this, the man who beats his wife IS A COWARD and the wife who beats her husband is a GIRL: domestic violence should not happen at home” .

On the other hand, in the video, the pastor recounted the terrible experience: “She was sitting on the edge of the bed, and we were arguing quite loudly and I kicked her and she fell out of bed, how bad I felt,” confessed Pedro Rivera Jr when attacking his wife Ramona years ago.

After going through this unfortunate event, Pedro Rivera Jr and his wife Ramona decided to skip this event, promising that this would never happen.

So much so that at the end of 2019, Pedro Rivera Jr celebrated his 33rd anniversary with his wife Ramona, in which Jenni Rivera’s brother asked his great love “how he put up with it so much”.

To which Ramona Rivera, with a big smile on his face, answers the secret: “How do i do it? Well, first of all, the love that God has given me for you, I think I owe that to God ”begins Ramona, wife of Pastor Pedro Rivera Jr.

PHOTO: Instagram. Pedro Rivera Jr

Later, the wife of Pedro Rivera Jr, Jenni Rivera’s brother, confessed that he owes everything to God, who has given him the strength: “He is always the one who guides me, the one who helps me, there have been difficult situations but perseverance is more important “

“I have never liked giving up on anything, I always like to continue towards the goal and my goal is until death separates me from you, and so on ”.

It should be noted that this has been the most enduring marriage of the Rivera brothers of all.

Archived: wife Pedro Rivera Jr

Archived: wife Pedro Rivera Jr

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Archived: wife Pedro Rivera Jr

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Archived: wife Pedro Rivera Jr

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