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Marked abdomen! Marlene Favela appears in a flower bikini and shows off her muscular body (PHOTO)

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  • Marlene Favela appears on social networks showing off her muscular body in a bikini
  • The actress shows off her new figure with an image that amazed
  • The image was shared on his Instagram account

Marlene Favela bikini muscles. What a great

body! The figure of the actress Marlene Favela is impressive, and in her account of Instagram He decided to show off his anatomy to his followers, who were astonished.

Marlene Favela is recognized for her participation as protagonist in the Gata Salvaje telenovela, in addition to her performance in the Species IV movie: The Awakening, where she was the antagonist.

Her beauty has never been questioned, and this time she made it more than clear, because on social networks several followers have been left with their mouths open for the impressive figure that the artist boasted.

Marlene Favela bikini muscles 1


In the image she shared, she can be seen wearing a tiny bikini adorned with flowers, while posing for the camera with sunglasses and her hair down.

A celebrity who took the time to highlight the beauty of Marlene was the actress Maribel Guardia, who made it look like a mermaid, accompanied by an emoji of it.


The figure that the Mexican boasted had not been seen like this before, and is that the abdomen that looks in the photo is very marked and worked, also highlighting her muscular legs, something that is rarely seen in a Mexican actress.

Even the social network account of People in spanish, also shared the image of the artist, for the marked body that she boasts in her tiny and sexy black bikini, adorned with pink flowers.

Immediately the followers were present by leaving their comments and reactions, obtaining a large number of «likes», getting more than 5,000 so far.


Marlene Favela bikini muscles. Although many were astonished to see Marlene Favela in a bikini showing off her muscular body, there was also much that claimed that it was due to various surgeries.

Marlene Favela bikini muscles 2


“The surgery was good for him”, “Normal pure surgeries like that, who doesn’t”, “More operated on…. It can’t be done”, “If he threw the same desire into his arms, maybe I believe him”, “With or without surgery the The result is spectacular ”,“ Well, I didn’t like that surgery, his belly was left with polyps ”,“ Who is not like that with 5 surgeries on top ”, were some of the criticisms.

There were even those who consider themselves experts in detecting surgeries: “You can tell it’s surgery (I’m a medical student with a focus on plastic surgery) if you see the skin, that’s where it shows. There is nothing bad about it, but it is a very dangerous message to women and girls. Not all of them have this luxury, so please don’t push yourself ”.

“Surgeries are not magic. Also to stay like this you should not be very overweight. And they must follow a diet «,» Lipo is noticeable later, but of course she looks pretty remember with money everything is solved «.

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But they were not critical, there were also positive comments for the actress: «What a wonderful abdomen, pass the tips to mark only the abdomen,» said one user. «This woman is about 200 years old and in better physical shape than many in their twenties.»

Marlene Favela bikini muscles 3


«A multiple applause for you without a doubt nature, genetics played their role in shaping your great physique, but the applause is for the sacrifice that has led you to crown alternating work in the gym with the work of mother, wife and actress. Congratulations, I see your abdominal region and I go back to an Olympic-level race track. May that self-management never decline. »

Undoubtedly there were divided opinions among Internet users, while some say it is pure surgery, others congratulate her for having that body at her age.

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