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Am I an alcoholic? 10 warning signs that you could be

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Do you think you may have an issue with alcohol? Find out what the warning signs of alcoholism are and when it is time to ask for professional help to regulate your drinking and start improving your quality of life, no matter what your age.

According to the most recent statistics, more than 14 million adult Americans have problems with alcoholism or alcohol abuse, an illness that kills more than 90,000 people a year.

10. Memory loss


Alcohol abuse disorders have been scientifically linked to memory loss in young people and adults who have reported difficulties remembering simple things both in the short and long term. In the most severe cases, memory loss can be permanent.

It is important to know what the warning signs of alcoholism are so you can maintain balance. In a 2013 study, it was found that about 80% of people who abuse alcohol have long-term brain changes.

9. Inability to perform daily activities could be a sign of alcoholism

A woman with an alcohol problem

One of the warning signs of alcoholism that affects people’s lifestyle is the inability to carry out daily activities, either before, during or after consuming alcohol, since this can overshadow everything for some people.

For people who have been diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder, it is common to think about drinking frequently. This can result in planning activities around drinking and can even cause people to change their behavior to make room for it.

8. Mood swings


Another warning sign of alcoholism is frequent mood swings, whether people are in an active phase of the disease or are making the decision to significantly reduce their consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Mood swings could become dangerous, especially in a recovery phase, since drastically cutting alcohol consumption produces an imbalance in the body, leading to abrupt mood swings.

7. Risky behavior can be a symptom of alcoholism

A bottle and a glass as a concept of alcoholism

Many people do not know that they suffer from alcoholism, or are in a physical and emotional state that prevents them from seeking medical or psychological help. However, a warning sign of alcoholism is the tendency to engage in risky behavior.

It is common that both young people and adults, when they are intoxicated, seem to lose their sense of caution and tend to do things that are considered dangerous, putting their own lives and those around them at risk.

6. Feeling of being able to control alcohol consumption


Drinking is often social, being a staple at parties, meetings and other important events, which makes it even more difficult for people suffering from alcoholism to curb their consumption.

A warning sign of alcoholism that could put people with this condition on notice is the belief, sometimes false, that it is possible to regulate drinking, without taking into account that it may present a problem that requires professional intervention.

5. Anxiety is one of the common symptoms of alcoholism

A person with an alcohol problem

When people who suffer from a disorder related to alcoholic beverages think they can kick the habit on their own, it is common for withdrawal to affect their emotions.

When alcohol consumption is abruptly eliminated, it is possible to go through periods of withdrawal that result in acute phases of anxiety, depression and mood swings. That is why a specialized treatment that is adapted to the needs of the patient is always recommended.

4. Thinking about alcohol frequently


Do you think about drinking alcohol often? Watch out! This sign of alcoholism could go unnoticed, but it is one of the most recurrent symptoms in people with alcoholism, who have admitted to thinking about drinking frequently.

Even when they are not drinking, people with alcoholism often think about alcohol, since any change in their routine could plunge them into anguish over not being able to feed their habit.

3. You think you need to stop


“I think I should stop drinking” is a phrase that could be uttered by a person who has finally admitted that their alcohol consumption affects one or more areas of their life: from family to personal relationships with friends and colleagues.

If an individual feels it is necessary to stop drinking, then this could be considered one of the warning signs of alcoholism. It is best to seek professional help to access an early and effective intervention according to your needs.

2. Problems with the law


The constant search for danger, abrupt mood swings and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages could put people with alcoholism in serious trouble. It is estimated that 40% of violent crimes are directly linked to alcohol consumption.

According to statistics, in the United States there are about 3 million violent crimes a year, in which the majority of victims have reported smelling alcoholic on the breath of the offender in cases of rape, robbery and physical and sexual violence.

1. Endangering other people

Hand holding glass with alcohol next to bottle as alcoholism concept

In 2019, more than 50,000 deaths were recorded in vehicular accidents, where 20% of drivers were impaired by alcohol consumption, a figure that sounds alarm bells regarding the measures that can be implemented to reduce cases of fatal car accidents.

The inability to gauge danger and loss of reflexes prove to be a fatal combination in some cases. This endangers not only the people who drink, but all those who are driving in the vicinity.

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