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10 Reasons Why Some Women Make Better Bosses

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It happened. You scored the promotion you so richly deserve. You’ll celebrate over the weekend and then starting Monday…wait, what? Monday? You’ll need time to get ready for this. Take a breath. You’ve got this. Just in case, here’s a little primer on women as leaders to make you feel confident about being the boss. Corporate America is known to be a cut-throat, male dominated segment of the workforce.

According to a recent Business Insider piece, “At the lowest levels, more than half of the employees in organizations are female. As you move to each successively higher level in the organization, the number of women steadily shrinks. At the CEO level, worldwide, there are only 3% to 4% who are women.” However, when a woman does make it to the top tier, the company and it’s employees might actually be better for it. Here are 10 reasons why women make better bosses.

1. Women are Born Leaders

A woman with a confident pose

Women as leaders rock. Many women claim they have to work twice as hard as men to get noticed in their field, which means they have more opportunities to refine their skills. Women in power have typically had to work their way up through many jobs in the same industry, consequently they understand the entire business and the social dynamics that exist within each layer of the company. Thus, they’re better able to make decisions taking into account the trickle-down effect it will have.

2. Women are Good Listeners

Though communication is typically seen as the ability to express things verbally, active listening is also a key factor in effective communication. Sure, our male counterparts may say that we talk too much…but more importantly, we listen well. Women bosses tend to be more adept at picking up subtle non-verbal cues, such as facial expressions, and reading between the lines.

3. Women Understand Collaboration


Women collaborate effectively. Well…not all women, but most of us understand the ‘it takes a village’ concept. As girls, we saw our own mothers cooperate with their siblings, friends, and parents to juggle their responsibilities, so we have learned to do the same.

4. Women Forge Strong Relationships

We work hard, we are good listeners, we collaborate…of course we build strong relationships! Women know how to take the time to perfect our friendships and relationships. Who would have known that suffering through frenemies during adolescence actually works in our favor as adult women?

5. Women are Born Multi-Taskers

A woman smiling

Ask a man if he can do laundry, brush a seven-year-old’s hair, help with math homework, listen to the news, be on the phone with the credit card company, watch the chicken in the oven, all with a cucumber face mask on…enough said.

6. Women Empathize

Women as leaders and nurturers, are keenly aware of the feelings of others. Diplomacy is a powerful tool and an empathetic boss knows how to deliver bad news artfully. After all, it’s not the fall that hurts, it’s the landing.

7. Women are Nurturers

A woman in her office

Women are supportive. That’s right. We are all sisters, and we support one another the best way we can. If we can’t offer what is needed, we connect people to those who can, creating a powerful female network. And, if nothing else, we can share a bottle (or a few bottles) of wine.

8. Women Know How to Follow Through

Women can see a project through from beginning to end. Any woman who has given birth can attest to this.

9. Women are natural diplomats


Women have an inherent desire to support. By listening, collaborating, and building their relationships as bosses, women are able to reflect on situations and express their thoughts diplomatically. This fosters leadership and creates better working relationships, which lead to a stronger company.

10. Women are Adaptable

Women embrace change. We are forced into change the day we hit puberty. We live with a monthly cycle that affects our mood, body image, appetite, and sexual desire. Women have no choice but to embrace change, and with eight to ten years of practice by the time we graduate from college, we carry that adaptability into the workplace as well.

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