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Women go crazy! Walmart employee goes viral (PHOTOS)

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  • A product promotion causes a sensation at a Corpus Christi Walmart.
  • Women go crazy over Jose.
  • An unexpected treat in the ice cream section.

Walmart is one of the most popular stores with the Hispanic community in the US since the majority of Latinos go shopping there regularly. Recently, a store in Corpus Christi, Texas caused a sensation and even generated some lust among women.

It all happened when a Walmart store in Corpus Christi, announced a new product on Facebook with great fanfare. Although it wasn’t intended to inspire lust and spicy comments from women, the promotion caused quite a sensation.

Walmart makes a home run with a promo

Walmart makes a splash
Kris 6 News

According to Kris 6 News, ice cream season has arrived and there is nothing that makes you want to try it more than seeing the new flavors of Little Debbie ice Cream. It looks totally normal, but this promotion made it stand out.

In a recent Facebook post from the Corpus Christi-Saratoga branch, a Hispanic employee named José was seen posing in the ice cream section enticing customers to check out Little Debbie ice Cream. But nobody expected the scandal that would be unleashed.

The ad that inspired lust in Walmart shoppers

Product that causes a sensation
Facebook Walmart Corpus Christi

«THEY ARE BACK!!! Do not miss out as we have Little Debbie’s Ice cream flavors in the back of our frozen department!!” is the message posted on the Facebook of Walmart Corpus Christi in Saratoga. But what made the difference was using one of their Hispanic employees to attract attention.

José can be seen in his Walmart uniform smiling, perfectly outlined in his beard and with his shirt open in front of the Little Debbie ice cream showcase. Nobody expected that he would cause such a sensation. The comments he started receiving were from spicy fans and included unseemly proposals .

The Hispanic who is driving Walmart customers crazy

Hispanic man causes sensation and lust
Facebook Walmart Corpus Christi

While José appears with his Walmart ID, holding two flavors of ice cream, surprising Facebook comments began to pour in. Now everyone wants to visit Corpus Christi Saratoga store to see the young man in person.

With 17,000 comments and more than 20,000 shares, José, the Hispanic worker at Walmart, began to receive off-color comments: “We urgently need José in the commercials.” “I would love to try his flavor… I mean ice cream.” “I would love to eat that zebra flavor every day all day.”

Unseemly proposals for José, the Walmart employee

Women comments on Walmart
Facebook Walmart Corpus Christi

And more comments made the store’s post go viral: “I know several women who would skip the ice cream and go straight for José.” “José can handle my honey. I mean, it would be very helpful if José helps me with my honey.” “I would love to try the taste of strawberry identical to José’s lips.” “Walmart knows what he did, they put him with those ‘come for me’ eyes,” one can read.

Even marriage proposals were received by the employee who has already won many fans for the simple photo he took: «On what other section of frozen products works his father?» «I think I should re-examine my priorities because the first thing I saw It was the ice cream and not José” “I’m taking him and the ice cream too, thanks!” “I barely realized that there is an ice cream in this photo,” many women said.

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